In response to the 2016-2017 Call for Proposals, the Ohio State Center for Real Estate received 10 applications and has selected five proposals for funding. The projects represent two different departments across Ohio State campus and range in topics from the role housing plays in supporting healthy birth outcomes for high risk mothers to how securtities laws can be utilized to smooth business cycles in real estate development.

  • Dr. Zhenhua Chen, Department of City and Regional Planning, “Is Online Housing Data Reliable for Hedonic Pricing Analysis: An Observation from the Housing Market in Columbus, OH”
  • Andrew Doup, Moritz College of Law, “Private Equity Real Estate: Navigating the Securities Laws to Recession-Proof Real Estate Development”
  • Dr. Bernadette Hanlon, Dr. Zhenhua Chen, Whitney Airgood-Obrycki, Department of City and Regional Planning, “An Uneven Bounce Back: Why Only Some Neighborhoods Experienced Housing Market Recovery in Cuyahoga County, Ohio”
  • Dr. Jason W. Reece, Department of City and Regional Planning, “Housing & Health: Understanding the Role of Housing in Supporting Healthy Birth Outcomes for High Risk Mothers”
  • Dr. Gulsah Akar and Dr. Jee Young Lee, Department of City and Regional Planning, “Affordable Housing and Environmental Risk in Ohio”