BUSML 8380: Research in Logistics

    Description: In this seminar, students will review and discuss a broad cross section of research articles in the realm of logistics management. During the discussions particular emphasis will be placed on the interest and merit of the research question(s), the appropriateness of the theoretical framework and/or hypothesis development, the adequacy of the research design, including data collection, measurement, and analysis (methodology), and the accuracy of the discussion of research results. Each week’s readings will follow a common theme (content area and/or methodology), such that students will be familiarized with a wide range of relevant logistics literature and (mostly empirical) methodologies.

    Instructor: Mike Knemeyer ()

    Term 2, Wednesday 11:30AM-2:30PM


    BUSML 8382: Research Seminar in Transporation

    Description: This seminar focuses on research issues in Transportation. For each topic, key literature will be reviewed and discussed to understand the current state of research in the area, evaluate the research methodologies employed, and identify gaps in the academic literature.

    Instructor: Thomas Goldsby (goldsby.2@osu.edu)

    Term 1, Thursday 12:00-3:00PM

    BUSML 8383:  Optimization Modeling in Logistics

    Description: This seminar focuses on the application of optimization moedeling techniques to logistics problems. The goal is to familiarize students with advanced modeling techniques.

    Instructor: Keely Croxton (croxton.4@osu.edu)

    Term 2, Thursday 12:00-3:00PM