Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All-Day Options (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

  • Tour - Grassroots Lean Deployment: Clopay Building Products
    (Troy, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Lean deployment in manufacturing, visual management, coaching, safety

    Since joining COE in 2014, garage door maker Clopay Building Products has embarked on a full-scale, grassroots continuous improvement journey. On this tour, spend the day at Clopay Building Products’ more than 1 million-square-foot manufacturing operation in Troy, one of two that meets the demands of being the largest residential garage door company in North America. While at Clopay, attendees will see how the company has created a culture of continuous improvement by …

    • Walking the garage door production process, with a focus on discrete manufacturing and linear straightline process flow;
    • Experiencing the lean tools and behaviors implemented at the plant, including Clopay’s “Blue Belt” training program, which has driven the rollout of visual management boards, operator and leader standard work, and more;
    • Seeing how Clopay is empowering operators and supervisors by coaching them in problemsolving techniques;
    • Seeing how Clopay has made safety a core element of its continuous improvement efforts through specific plant initiatives;
    • Hearing how the company is meeting and anticipating customer demand by using demand planning in its operations, including predictive tools.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

  • Tour - Lean, From Product Development to Production: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
    (Akron, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Lean manufacturing, product development, visual management

    Lean deployments in Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s product development and tire manufacturing divisions have transformed the Akron company into a benchmark of operational excellence best practices. In this tour, get a look at how lean is practiced at Goodyear’s headquarters.

    One half of the tour focuses on the Product Development division, where attendees will view visual management boards that guide the innovation process. The second half takes attendees to Goodyear’s Race Tire Manufacturing operation in Akron, where the world’s highest-quality tires are hand-crafted and then pushed to the limits by NASCAR and NHRA drivers each weekend. The tour also focuses on the plant’s strategy deployment process, daily management system and safety-centric hazard-reduction initiatives.

    Member price: $155 | Non-member price: $195

    Workshop - Business Storytelling for Leaders

    Hosts: Aditi Patil, Antony West, operational excellence consultants

    This workshop seeks to enable leaders to tap into the power of storytelling to influence people, whether it’s to gain top management support for a change initiative or engage frontline employees. In this experiential learning session, attendees will learn to:

    • Articulate the concept of business storytelling and build the business case for it;  
    • Understand the science of storytelling;
    • Communicate powerfully using the power of stories;
    • Create a “story bank” by listening to stories within and around; and
    • Deliver inspiration with a powerful call to action.

    Ultimately, attendees will be able to apply the storytelling framework to a unique business challenge identified in pre-work and refine it based on peer feedback. This session is recommended for any leader who is seeking development in their personal leadership journey and would like to learn a powerful way to communicate, influence, engage and inspire.

    Member price: $395 | Non-member price: $495

Morning Workshops (8 a.m. - noon)

  • The Innovation Game: Understanding and Managing Disruptive Innovation

    Host: Aravind Chandrasekaran, Fisher College of Business

    Innovation is a balancing act of small, incremental updates and radical, disruptive innovations that can make or break organizations. Many companies, however, struggle to identify these disruptive innovations and manage them once they have. In this workshop, Prof. Chandrasekaran – an award-winning innovation researcher – guides attendees through gaining a deeper understanding of disruptive innovation: How to identify it, when to shift an incremental project to it, when to kill bad innovation, and how to balance project investments.

    As part of the workshop, attendees will form groups and engage in an online simulation, allowing them to manage financial investments for a set of innovations and technologies. In the simulation, attendees must decide how to pivoting investment decisions based on changing market and customer conditions, ultimately learning whether their decisions led to success or failure. The winning team takes home a prize! 

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

  • Sherlock Holmes, Zombie Hunter: Interactive Online Simulation

    Host: Peg Pennington, Executive Director, COE

    Practice and hone your knowledge of lean/Six Sigma tools and methods in this online simulation, where teams of three resolve process problems in Dragos, a fictitious village beset by the undead. The simulation introduces teams to the project problem, but it is up to the teams to initiate their investigation by making choices among a variety of possible activities to identify and define the problem plaguing the village, develop and test theories addressing root causes, and to implement and maintain long-term solutions. By shadowing the project lead, Sherlock Holmes, through the investigation, simulation teams listen to interviews, analyze data and correctly develop appropriate actions to solve the problem of roving Zombies in a time and cost efficient manner.

    By completing this simulation, participants gain practice in the question/answer/action dynamic of DMAIC process improvement. Aside from critical thinking skills appropriate to the DMAIC approach, the simulation anticipates use of mapping, data collection and evaluation, control charts, sigma level calculations, FMEA and other, basic problem solving tools.

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

  • TPM: Beyond the Basics

    Host: Ellis New, Productivity Inc.

    Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) begins with implementing the foundational pillars of autonomous maintenance and maintenance improvement. These pillars allow an organization to stabilize operations by combatting chronic machine/process failures. But, once the day-to-day is under control, what’s next? In this session, we explore advanced TPM techniques focused on lowering equipment life-cycle cost and the enhanced partnership between the production, maintenance and engineering/technical units that develops at this stage of implementation. Workshop host Ellis New — an expert in building value-add capabilities in service and manufacturing/process industry environments – will guide attendees through the five phases of equipment life-cycle and the techniques used to lower life-cycle cost. Learn how the application of Early Equipment Management and Maintenance Prevention Design, along with Machine Failure Analyses and 5 Why/Fault Tree Analysis, play a role in the effort.

    Participants will discover how…

    • the partnership between Production, Maintenance and Engineering/Technical works in an advanced TPM environment
    • Machine Failure Analysis and 5 Why/Fault Tree Analysis are used to uncover potential losses
    • Life Cycle Cost is calculated and the enhanced role of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • to create, utilize and expand best practice
    • social, cultural, and technical barriers are overcome to enhance your TPM effort

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

  • Win-Win: Negotiating What’s Best for Both Sides

    Host: Roy Lewicki, Fisher College of Business

    Negotiations, at work and in life, aren’t all “win-lose” scenarios, with the winner driving the car home at the lowest price possible. Many of the situations we encounter that require negotiation are of the “win-win” variety, where a deal that satisfies both parties is best in order to build or maintain a long-term relationship. These scenarios could include interactions with supervisors, co-workers, or long-term suppliers over budgets, time, job duties, role expectations and more. In this workshop, Prof. Roy Lewicki – a leading negotiation scholar,  author, and instructor at Fisher for more than 30 years – outlines the fundamental principles of win-lose and win-win negotiation and focuses on the strategies and tactics of win-win. These include:

    • Key components of a win-win negotiation
    • Common types of win-win deals (internal, team, team-on-team)
    • “Packaging and slicing” strategies in deal-making

    Attendees in the session will practice a number of one-on-one and group negotiation scenarios and emerge with new capabilities in leveraging these tools at home and at work.

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

    Clarity First

    Host: Karen Martin, author, The Outstanding Organization, Clarity First; summit keynote on Wednesday

    In her much-anticipated new book, Clarity First, author and business performance improvement expert Karen Martin asserts that a lack of clarity costs companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits billions of dollars a year. Beyond the red ink, this lack of clarity also inserts unnecessary risk, creates organizational drag, and causes customers to question whether the organization can deliver value.

    In this engaging workshop based on Clarity First, Karen shows how organizations can use clarity to unleash potential, innovate at higher levels, and solve problems more effectively.

    Participants will:

    • Take an online assessment to learn the degree of clarity they and their organizations collectively operate with
    • Experience (via simulation) the real-world impact of lack of clarity at both organizational and personal levels
    • Explore the most common cultural obstacles to operating with clarity and learn how to mitigate them
    • Learn key operational strategies and leadership practices for operating with greater clarity
    • Experience how to use mindfulness and “clarity pauses” to perform at higher levels

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

    Sports Analytics: Tools and Techniques for Work and Play

    Host: John Draper, Fisher College of Business

    How should the Cavs stack the line-up as they take on the Warriors? Up 2 points with the ball at the 40-yard line with 10 minutes to go, should Urban go for it or call on the punt team? These decisions are more than a “gut feeling” – unlocking the power of analytical techniques and quantitative methods can produce data-driven decisions, a practice on the rise in sports and countless other industries. In this workshop, Prof. Draper guides attendees in developing new analytical skills using the world of sports – complete with real-world examples and real data. Ultimately, attendees will sharpen their Excel skills and strengthen their capabilities in critical thinking, statistical analysis, predictive analytics and optimization

    To attend this workshop, attendees must …

    • Have a basic knowledge of Excel
    • Know the basic rules of football, basketball, baseball and hockey (No expertise needed – just know how many outs in an inning, how many downs before a first down, etc.)
    • Bring a laptop the day of the workshop.


    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

    Building Teams for Continuous Improvement

    Host: David Veech, Fisher College of Business

    Teams don't just automatically come together and perform; they need to be carefully built. In this workshop, Veech will demonstrate techniques to draw teams closer and reach a level of higher performance in a shorter period of time. Participants will “learn by doing,” engaging in several team-building games and acquiring facilitator tools. This high-activity (dress comfortably!), hands-on session will help attendees:

    • Learn simple and fun techniques to break the ice and build trust among team members;
    • Learn the value of diversity in teams; and
    • Learn how activities that differ from the work you’re doing often will spark a breakthrough for difficult problems.

    This workshop is best suited for attendees who lead leading continuous improvement teams who are often brought together from different work departments to focus on a specific improvement project.

    Member price: $275 | Non-member price: $350

Afternoon Tours (1 - 4:30 p.m.)

  • The Future of Mobility: The Center for Automotive Research
    (Columbus, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Autonomous vehicle technology, automotive innovation, public-private partnership

    The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (CAR) is more than just a hub of mobility-related innovation. It’s playing a critical role in guiding the automotive industry through the most transformative — and uncertain — time in its history, with autonomous vehicles poised to fundamentally change how vehicles interact with the world. On this tour, attendees will experience two sides of CAR:

    • At the CAR West operation, attendees will see how the center is piloting autonomous vehicle technology with new hardware, software and driving simulators.
    • At its nearby flagship facility, they’ll see the center’s wide range of automotive testing equipment and interact with students and their award-winning research projects, including the world record-shattering Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3.

    The tour includes an overview of CAR’s operations and details on its key role in the multimillion-dollar Smart City Challenge grant Columbus won last year.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning: NiSource
    (Gahanna, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Knowledge management, training, coaching, safety

    Many companies are bracing for a retirement wave that’s placing newfound importance on effectively transferring knowledge and skills to a new generation of workers. On this tour, see how utility provider NiSource Inc. is ahead of the curve in reacting to this trend, building a culture of continuous learning that’s designed to keep its workers safe in the field and equipped with the changing industry’s latest knowledge and skills. Attendees will get an inside look at NiSource’s culture of learning by observing and participating in hands-on, coaching-driven activities and simulations that, for example, teach best practices in driving, back-hoe operations and icy conditions. They’ll also visit NiSource’s Emergency Response Safety Town, a mock village for employee training that replicates real-world conditions, complete with underground natural gas lines and indoor appliances. This tour is highly recommended for any attendees with responsibility for, or interest in, knowledge management/transfer and/or worker safety.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Company Culture as an Innovation Driver: CoverMyMeds
    (Columbus, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Workplace culture, healthcare innovation, lean/agile deployment

    Over the course of a decade, healthcare software maker CoverMyMeds has built a reputation as one of the best places to work – not just in Columbus, but in the country. On the surface, that’s visible through a Silicon Valley-like atmosphere: casual vibe, collaborative spaces. Beneath that, though, is a culture that values and trusts its rapidly growing employee base, giving them the opportunity – and the right environment – to innovate. CoverMyMeds also is working to make continuous improvement an integral part of its growth, but in a way that best fits its startup-like, jargon-free culture. On this tour, get a look at why CoverMyMeds is regarded as one of the best places to work and see how the company is driving the adoption of lean and agile tools and behaviors.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Running and Coaching at Gemba: Engineered Profiles
    (Columbus, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Leader standard work, gemba walks, coaching, visual management

    Leaders that regularly go to gemba – where the work is done – have the pulse of the organization, a front-row seat to how processes are running and what problems might be ahead. In this session, attendees will tour a production site with a specific focus on the act of going to gemba, led by experienced lean coaches. The session begins at Columbus-based Engineered Profiles – a maker of plastic products for a variety of industries – where attendees will go on a simulated gemba, walking the floor with process owners. The gemba walk will highlight Engineered Profiles’ visual management systems for leader standard work and show its approach to regular standup meetings. Engineered Profiles President Mike Davis and other leaders will complement activities on the floor with a discussion of how the company works to deploy its strategic plan throughout the organization, from the highest levels of management to the floor.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Designing a Visual Workplace: Cardinal Health / OptiFreight® Logistics
    (Dublin, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Visual management, cross-functional collaboration, performance metrics

    As a business of Cardinal Health, OptiFreight® Logistics manages over 17.5 million shipments per year at more than 30,000 locations across the United States and Canada. On this tour, attendees will get an inside look at OptiFreight’s lean implementation which was designed to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and create transparency across the organization.

    This lean office tour will focus on visual management. Attendees will see…

    • How each team developed visual management boards to track their work
    • How teams interact with these visual boards on a daily basis;
    • How a visual workplace has helped improve the quality of work being done;
    • How the boards are being used to collaborate cross-functionally; and
    • How leadership uses the boards to track performance to standards and understand potential gaps.


    This tour is recommended for attendees in any industry in the planning or early execution stages of a visual management rollout.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Team-Building Craft Brew Adventure: North High Brewing
    (Columbus, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Process industries, team building, business of beer

    Columbus is a craft beer town, with more than 40 breweries spread across the central Ohio area, according to the Ohio Craft Brew Association. Just a half-decade ago, however, the market’s explosive growth was just getting its start – and North High Brewing got in on the ground floor. In this tour and team-building activity, get a look inside North High, one of the first 10 craft breweries established in Columbus and co-founded by Tim Ward and Gavin Meyers, both MBA graduates at Fisher College of Business. The experience starts off at North High Brewing’s production facility, which produces nearly 3,000 gallons of beer a week that’s made available at more than 1,000 locations around the state. Ward and his team, including veteran brewmaster and partner Jason McKibben, will offer an overview of the local craft brewing scene – its history, its market dynamics – and guide attendees on a walking tour of the operation.

    From there, the tour continues to North High Brewing’s taproom just south of Ohio State’s campus, where attendees will form groups and custom-make a batch of beer, starting from scratch by measuring out grain and hops.


    • Beer made on-site during the tour will be bottled in early May and each attendee is entitled to one six-pack from the day’s brewing experience. Pick-up can be arranged post-summit but COE is unable to ship the finished product.
    • Due to expected demand for this tour, we ask that companies please try to limit group sign-ups to no more than five per company.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

    Digital Innovation and Collaboration: Wendy's 90° Labs (Columbus, Ohio)

    Focus areas: Technology, innovation, workplace culture

    The customer experience today is more important than ever – and it takes a company quick to pivot and innovate to stay ahead in the digital age, especially in the competitive quick-service restaurant industry. In this tour, see how iconic burger chain Wendy’s Co. is making its digital transformation through a walking tour of its 90° Labs technology hub just south of The Ohio State University. 90° Labs opened in 2015 as Wendy’s identified technology as a catalyst to promote growth. Home to information technology and operations employees of Wendy’s, 90° Labs’ open, Silicon Valley-esque environment is helping propel the company toward a focus on innovation through execution and collaboration. On this tour, get an operations-focused look at how 90° Labs is innovating with mobile ordering and pay technology for its restaurants, seeking to meet customers where they are and drive growth. Attendees will see how Wendy’s optimizes business intelligence, converts customer research into action, and leverages the open environment of the space itself — complete with a simulated Wendy’s restaurant — to turn out new digital innovations.

    Member price: $95 | Non-member price: $125

Good to know:

  • Workshops and tours take place Tuesday, April 10, and include a catered lunch at the Fawcett Center or off-site.
  • All sessions are offered during the summit registration process on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each session has two waitlist slots available should it reach capacity. 
  • All tours depart from and return to the Fawcett Center 
  • Pricing listed below for sessions does not include any early bird or group discounts.
  • You must register for the Wednesday-Thursday summit programming to register for one of these sessions - COE does not allow Tuesday-only registration.


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