The Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award was established in 2000 with a gift from Daniel Westerbeck. Drawing from student input, the award recognizes two Fisher College of Business faculty members, one who teaches at the undergraduate level and one who teaches at the graduate level, for teaching excellence.


  • Undergraduate

    2019: Steven Salopek, Finance
    2018: Larry Inks, Management and Human Resources
    2017: Tyler Shepfer, Management and Human Resources
    2016: Matt R. Sheridan, Finance
    2015: Shashi Matta Marketing and Logistics 
    2014: M. Johnny Rungtusanatham Management Sciences
    2013: Susan Clark Finance 
    2012: Nancy Lahmers Management Sciences
    2011: Richard A. Young Accounting and MIS
    2010: Venkat Bendapudi Management and Human Resources
    2009: Larry Inks Management and Human Resources 
    2008: Daniel Jensen Accounting and MIS 
    2007: A. Michael Knemeyer Marketing and Logistics 
    2006: Thomas Otter Marketing and Logistics 
    2005: Elliot Klayman Finance 
    2004: David D. Williams Accounting and MIS 
    2003: H. Lee Mathews Marketing and Logistics 
    2002: Leslie M. Fine Marketing and Logistics 
    2001: John Current Management Sciences 
    2000: Bernadette Minton Finance 
    1999: Raymond Krasniewski Accounting and MIS 
    1998: Neelima Bendapudi Marketing and Logistics 
    1997: Deborah Ballam Finance 
    1996: Eric Spires Accounting and MIS 
    1995: Pervin Shroff 
    1994: Ken Pelfrey 
    1993: Rao Unnava Marketing and Logistics 
    1992: John Grabner 
    1991: H. Rao Unnava Marketing and Logistics 
    1990: Deborah Ballam Finance 
    1989: James Bartos 
    1988: Wade Dyke 
    1987: Roger Blackwell Marketing and Logistics 
    1986: Ray Stephens 
    1985: Arnon Reichers Management and Human Resources 
    1984: Roger Blackwell Marketing and Logistics 
    1983: James Bartos 
    1982: Richard Northrup 
    1981: David Cole

  • Graduate

    2019: Mark Sullivan, Management and Human Resources
    2018: Bruce Bellner, Management and Human Resources
    2017: Robert B. Lount, Jr., Management and Human Resources
    2016: Eric E. Spires, Accounting and MIS 
    2015: George Pinteris Finance
    2014: Daniel Oglevee Finance
    2013: Aravind Chandrasekaran Management Sciences 
    2012: James Hill Management Sciences
    2011: Benjamin Campbell Management and Human Resources
    2010: Anthony J. Rucci Management and Human Resources
    2009: Steffanie Wilk Management and Human Resources 
    2008: Roy Lewicki Management and Human Resources 
    2007: Anil Arya Accounting and MIS 
    2006: Robert Leone Marketing and Logistics 
    2005: Jay Dial Management and Human Resources 
    2004: James L. Ginter Marketing and Logistics 
    2003: John Persons Finance 
    2002: Karen Hopper Wruck Finance 
    2001: G. Andrew Karoli Finance 
    2000: Anil Makhija Finance 
    1999: Peter Easton 
    1998: Roy Lewicki Management and Human Resources 
    1997: Rakesh Vohra 
    1996: Robert Leone Marketing and Logistics 
    1995: John Dix Management Sciences 
    1994: Buck Mathews 
    1993: Ralph Walkling Finance 
    1992: Jesse Dillard 
    1991: John Stegman 
    1990: Anthony Sanders Finance 
    1989: James L. Ginter Marketing and Logistics 
    1988: Ralph Walkling Finance 
    1987: Paul Miniard 
    1984: James L. Ginter Marketing and Logistics