Risk Institute partners represent a broad cross-section of industries. But they all hold one important thing in common: they know how critical it is in today's business environment to be ready for risk.

Founding Members


  • Aon

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    Aon focuses on two things -- risk and people -- and we have a world-leading network of 60,000 colleagues dedicated to providing valuable advice and solutions to our clients on those topics.

    Finding an educational institution with complementary stature across many disciplines and a similar mission of serving as a risk thought leader for the industry really resonated with our company.

    Dan VanderWoudeVice President


  • Battelle

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    We’ve realized there’s a lot to learn about risk from companies outside our space. There’s benefit in knowing what questions others are asking, and it’s rewarding to know that our risk knowledge will benefit other members. Specifically, as a non-finance company, Battelle has a broad range of risk considerations—from government to commercial—to offer the conversation among partners.

    How we look at risk may be very different in just a few years. As things change, the Risk Institute will be the premier place to hold discussion and share cutting-edge ideas.

    Brian SmithVice President and Treasurer


  • EY

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    At Ernst & Young, we are always looking for ways to innovate that will, in turn, create value for our clients. We know we have a partner in innovation in the Risk Institute.

    Here, we can bring risk challenges from our business to the table, or we can offer up ideas for research or exploration, and allow them to incubate at the Risk Institute. As we draw conclusions, we produce knowledge that we can then take out into the market and share with our clients. So we all get smarter about risk in the end.

    Craig FarisAmericas Risk Transformation Leader


  • Huntington

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    A top-flight education in risk must prepare today's students to become future leaders, not just functional specialists. As a culture in which risk management is everyone's job, Huntington understands the critical need for an elevated, holistic mindset for tomorrow's risk-focused executives, facilitated by the risk leadership experts of today.

    We are energized to be a core partner in the Risk Institute to support the evolution and growth of risk education and readiness, so that ever-changing risk challenges will be met by creative solutions

    Helga HoustonChief Risk Officer


  • Nationwide

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    We will only continue to recruit more professionals with risk expertise as part of their core skillset. To be part of a world-class Institute that’s attracting, shaping, and preparing world-class talent in this area—that’s a huge advantage.

    We also look forward to bringing our real-world perspective to the table. Much of Nationwide’s business is inherently about managing risk—insurance, banking, retirement, etc—and now we have the opportunity to take some of our practical knowledge and use it to enhance the theoretical expertise at Fisher.

    Michael MahaffeyChief Strategy and Chief Risk Officer


  • The Ohio State University

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    The Risk Institute provides a unique opportunity to blend a world renowned academic framework with public and private thought leaders. Risk and opportunity management must coexist in every organization.

    At The Ohio State University, emerging risks require an emergence of solution innovators and the Risk Institute, through its depth and breadth of knowledge, is well positioned to change the course of how risk is viewed as we move from excellence to eminence."

    Douglas A. HuffnerSenior Director and Chief Risk Officer


Industry Members





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