The Center for Real Estate partners with the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Knowlton School of Architecture to hold annual PhD Conference on Real Estate and Housing. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for doctoral students from various disciplines to showcase and develop their real estate and housing-related research through high quality discussant and audience feedback.

    For more information, please visit the conference site.


    We are pleased to announce the award of the third round of research grants to Ohio State graduate students and faculty who are exploring real estate related topics in their research. The funded projects will be producing an academic publication or a white paper, as well as a short summary of their results.The Center received 15 applications and has selected the following four proposals for funding:

    • “Do Housing Policies Provide Stable Housing? Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics”, Seungbeom Kang, PhD Candidate, City and Regional Planning
    • “Designing Affordable Housing: Evaluating Award-Winning Affordable Housing Developments in the United States”, Cody R. Price, Ph.D. & Jack L. Nasar, FAICP, Ph.D., City & Regional Planning
    • “Estimating the Effect of Residential Foreclosure on Neighborhood Housing Prices: A Spatial Analysis”, Stephanie Casey Pierce, Doctoral Candidate; Yung Chun, Doctoral Candidate, John Glenn College of Public Affairs
    • “Variation and Change in Local Public Housing Policies Regarding Criminal Records”, Laura M. DeMarco, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology


    Effectiveness of financial education: Two approaches

    Two research reports, written by Professor Ben-David of The Ohio State University and his co-authors, examine two different approaches to financial education to assess whether such education can have positive impact on borrowers’ behavior and if so, what form of education would be more effective in steering borrowers away from risky mortgage products. This short research translation summarizes the main findings of each project to conclude that long-term counseling that strengthened budgeting and credit management skills of prospective borrowers, showed to have significant and long-lasting impact on the financial health of the counseled family as compared to mandatory short term counseling sessions.

    For more detailed information, please read the research translation.


    Each year, the Ohio State Center for Real Estate partners with the Columbus chapter of ULI on creating a comprehensive forecast report for Central Ohio. The report takes a pulse of the region's real estate market, including capital markets, various sectors, and area submarkets. This survey complements the national Urban Land Institute's Emerging Trends in Real Estate, adding an in-depth local perspective to the national survey's insights on the U.S. economy and real estate markets.

    CRE - 2016 Trends report 2016 Real Estate Trends in Central Ohio
    2015 Real Estate Trends in Central Ohio
    2014 Real Estate Trends in Central Ohio