Having an understanding of logistics is a competitive advantage, as almost every function that creates value in a company is touched by the logistics function in the supply chain.

Explore the value of logistics to reduce supply chain costs, improve speed to market, and enable customer service in a world class learning environment. The Ohio State University Logistics program is ranked #3 in the country by U.S. News and World Report in their 2016 rankings of Supply Chain Management / Logistics programs.

Program at a glance

What: Logistics in the Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program

Where: The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

Who: Working professionals in supply chain or logistics fields, or those moving into supply chain roles

When: Autumn 2016 (Late August - Early May)
            Thursdays from 7:00-10:00PM

Cost: $10,000

CUSTOM COHORTS: Custom programs can be tailored to your company’s needs. Contact us to learn more.


Logistics in the Supply Chain

This four-course certificate program is designed for the working professional in the supply chainfield. The program provides participants with a deeper understanding of existing and innovative business models and how logistics enables supply chains to thrive globally.

The program is run as a cohort enabling each participant to fully experience the world class faculty of the Fisher College of Business and the diversity and value of the experiences of each cohort member.

The program will be completed through 9 months over 4 courses:

  • Managing Logistics in the Supply Chain
    • Understand the foundations of logistics
    • Apply Logistics to supply chain situations like warehousing and retail fulfillment
    • Understand the challenges of logistics in global supply chains and learn techniques used to manage them
  • Logistics Execution in the Supply Chain
    • Learn transportation modes and uses to achieve global freight / parcel delivery
    • Learn warehouse concepts and operations in modern supply chains
    • Understand how inventory affects modern retail and B2B supply chains
  • Logistics Analytics in the Supply Chain
    • Through case studies, learn how to make data driven decisions on key logistics issues
    • Apply actionable-decisions based on analysis of analytical models to meet execution parameters
    • Make decisions that balance customer, and company cost and financial goals
  • Logistics Technology & Application in the Supply Chain
    • Learn how to use a modern Transportation Management System
    • Understand the Omni-Channel platform and how it used in business
    • Gain hands-on experience with warehousing and inventory systems

As a student participating in the Logistics in the Supply Chain Graduate Certificate Program, you will learn from faculty with extensive logistics and supply chain knowledge and experience. The program also will provide students with an understanding of the state of logistics systems and technology, how they work together along with hands on experience using various systems.

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