On June 5, 2018 the Office of Career Management at Fisher is turning off FisherConnect and switching to Handshake. Jobs posted in FisherConnect will be active and visible to students until May 31, 2018.

Please consider finding us in Handshake ( and posting the job for students to apply to after June 5, 2018. Fisher students will have full access to Handshake at that time.

Thank you for your interest in recruiting students and alumni through the Fisher College of Business Office of Career Management. On this page, we have organized the basic steps to get started with recruiting and sourcing great candidates for your full-time and internship opportunities.

Get Started

  • Recruiting Fisher Students and Alumni

    Call our office at 614-292-6024 to speak with a recruiting consultant. Our experienced staff members will help you:

    1. Identify the type of student you’d like to target (undergraduate, graduate, alumni, specific majors, experience levels, etc.
    2. Discuss how to target and promote your opportunity to the appropriate students or alumni
    3. Schedule interview dates and reserve interview space
    4. Identify methods to build your employer brand, meet potential candidates and promote your opportunities through on-campus information sessions, career fairs, workshops and networking events
    5. Periodically evaluate your recruiting strategy to ensure long-term success
  • How to Register with FisherConnect

    Go to our FisherConnect login page.

    1. New User: Click on "Register" to create a new account and follow prompts.
    2. Returning User: Enter your username and password.  Click "Go" to log in.
  • How to Register for a Career Fair

    First, log in to FisherConnect.

    If you do not have an account with FisherConnect, please register by clicking on the "Click here to register with FisherConnect" link. Your account with be activated within two business days.

    1. To register for the Career Fair, place your cursor on "Career Events" near the top of the page and click "Search."
    2. Then click "Search" again in the Career Event Search to find the specific career event.
    3. Then click on the Register link.