The educational focus of the Entrepreneurship Enterprise Program is on building entrepreneurial competencies. Qualified employers must provide entrepreneurial project based experiences that involve the student intern at senior levels of decision making.

  • Employing ventures should have fewer than 200 employees and $50 million or less in annual sales.
  • Placements in private equity and technology commercialization must be designed such that the intern is working directly with new technologies/ventures or in the process of evaluating the technical, market and economic merits of a new venture proposal.

To be considered, hosting organizations must submit a proposal/application for each internship placement. Internship proposals are evaluated on the basis of the unique entrepreneurial learning experiences they provide for student interns. The TEC Institute maintains sole discretion in determining if a particular opportunity qualifies within the definition of "entrepreneurial enterprise" and provides a quality educational opportunity. The proposal should detail the following items.

  • Project description: The proposal must clearly define the project that the intern will be expected to complete. The position is project based.  When the project is completed, the internship term expires.
  • Reporting responsibilities: The proposal must specify the senior leader to whom the student intern will report. The intern is expected to report directly to the lead entrepreneur or another senior decision maker within the host organization.
  • Term: The proposal should specify the anticipated time-line to complete the project. Keep in mind that all summer internship projects must be completed sometime between 5/13/18 and 8/3/18. Start and end dates will be defined and agreed upon by the host company and the selected intern.

    *Hours spent on the project by the intern CANNOT BE TRACKED OR REQUIRED; the internship is strictly PROJECT BASED.

     The proposal should specify the length of the appointment. Summer internships typically last 10 to 12 weeks.
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