March 31, 2014

Pace Setters awards honor students, faculty, staff, executive

Jesse Tyson

Executive Award recipient Jesse J. Tyson addresses the crowd at the Pace Setters Awards ceremony inside the Fawcett Center on The Ohio State University campus. Along with offering mentorship and insights to students over the years, Tyson has established a scholarship at Fisher for underrepresented MBA students.

The Fisher College of Business community gathered recently to celebrate the Pace Setters Awards. A college tradition since 1961, the Pace Setters ceremony recognizes outstanding achievement, leadership and service to the community, college and university.

"Always do your best and go beyond," MBA alumnus and Pace Setters recipient Jesse J. Tyson told students in capturing the theme of the event. Tyson, president and CEO of the National Black MBA Association and a longtime executive at ExxonMobil, was recognized with the Pace Setters Executive Award. In accepting the award, he spoke of leadership and the critical importance of giving back to the next generation.

"My career pursuits were not just about providing income, but were more about repositioning and reshaping the destiny of my family," Tyson said. "And there clearly came a point where I knew I was in a position to impact the destiny of other families as well ... That's what my mentors did for me. When I accepted their assistance, I knew I was accepting a reciprocal agreement to one day do the same for others and to pay it forward."

See student, faculty and staff Pace Setters honorees below.

Undergraduate Student Awards

About the winner

Niteesha Kulshrestha
Walter M. Rudin Junior Award

“Her leadership qualities are readily apparent and she is a leader in both the classroom and through her student involvement.”

Jessica Braddock
Katherine Porter Allen Prize

“Through her actions, she has represented leadership. Through her academic determination, she has embodied scholarship. And through the ways she has given back to the university ... she has lived service.”

Jeff Kessler
S. Maurice Bostic &
Birch S. M. Bostic Memorial Award

“Jeff has a dynamic personality and effortlessly balances so many things ... He is certainly one of Fisher’s finest and has made the most of his time here.”

Jonathan Elder
Robert E. Georges Senior Award

“He has an unparalleled breadth and depth of involvement across campus ... He truly exemplifies outstanding leadership, scholarship and service.”

Claire Sasowsky
Jack W. Stephenson Award

“Being a winning varsity athlete while simultaneously excelling in the Accounting Honors program is a testament to her hard work.”

Faculty and Staff Awards

About the winner

H. Rao Unnava
Bostic Georges Faculty Service Award

“He always goes above and beyond in his work -- to the benefit of our students, our faculty and our college.”

Berk A. Sensoy
Faculty Research Award

“His (research) is award-winning and often citied ... Colleagues call his work 'impactful,' 'influential' and 'truly outstanding'.”

M. Johnny Rungtusanatham
Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award (Undergraduate)

“He is singled out as a mentor, someone who cares deeply and pushes students to achieve what they didn't think was possible.”

Daniel Oglevee
Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award (Graduate)

“He has won multiple teaching awards, advises case competition teams and has led student learning projects .... He has an incredible dedication to students in and out of the classroom.”

Patti Hambley
Coykendale MAX Staff Leadership Award

“She is best known throughout our college as someone who has a great passion for her work and a deep dedication to helping others.”

Photos from the ceremony