December 30, 2013

Exchange program links MBA student with UN Forum


Paying close attention to today’s global business issues is as critical as it is customary. But engaging firsthand with leaders from across the globe to discuss those topics? That experience, according to second-year Fisher MBA student Bliss Pierce, represents “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

While studying in Denmark, Pierce attended a United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights held recently in Geneva, Switzerland. At the Forum, Pierce listened to and engaged in dialogues on a wide range of topics — from the conditions of garment workers in Bangladesh to the importance of business marketing when developing products for the global market. More than 100 countries were represented.

“I am very much humbled by this experience,” said Pierce, whose international experience was part of the student exchange program offered through Fisher’s Office of Global Business.

“The role business plays in changing the world for good reaches beyond multi-stakeholder forums such as this, but convening and discussing plays an important role.”

Corporations such as Unilever, Google, and Microsoft were in attendance at the forum to address highly relevant worldwide issues, including U.S. policies concerning business reporting on investments in Myanmar as well as the Dodd-Frank Act as it relates to minerals extraction in Africa, the impact of human rights in the digital age, and information requests from governments.

“Interacting with stakeholders who shape some of the most pressing sustainable development policies of today is the opportunity of a lifetime,” Pierce said.  

The second annual forum was held with the goal to address human rights impacts linked to business.