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Hiring model earns MHRM students competition win

Published: 2013-11-22

Yixing Li, Misi Wang, Qinfang Liu, Siyun Sun

Four students from Fisher’s Master of Human Resource Management program won first place in the Carlson International Human Resources Case Competition held recently at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

The students, Qinfang Liu, Siyun Sun, Misi Wang, and Yixing Li, completed the case for a Minneapolis nonprofit called “Feed My Starving Children,” an organization that was in need of a food aid coordinator. 

“We were very excited to compete with teams from around the world, and winning first place is a great honor,” Li said. 

The students created a hiring model that targeted likely sources for talent, including Christian and veterans organizations, and came up with a unique brand that positioned the nonprofit as a “cool” place to work. In addition, as part of a five-point plan, the team developed a decision making model to capture three key attributes of the “right” hire:  passion, experience, and potential.  As part of the competition, students worked side by side with the nonprofit. 

“I learned a lot about nonprofits — their resource constraints and unique needs — and I see strong collaboration that can take place between nonprofits and for-profits,” Sun said.

The students, in an effort to differentiate themselves from the four teams that presented before them, tapped into their creative sides at the competition. Inspired by The Ohio State University Marching Band’s tradition of honoring its opponents on the field, the group presented a hiring model chart that was shaped like the University of Minnesota’s Block M. The students also incorporated references to the Minnesota Vikings — the city’s NFL team — into their presentation.  

“We had a great team, and when you enjoy working together it makes a big difference,” Wang said. “We took what we learned in the classroom and applied it to a real business problem.”

The competition was an experience that the students used as a motivation for their careers.

“This experience showed me what a good job I can do and that my skills will only grow during my time at Fisher,” Liu said.