March 22, 2013

Pace Setters awards honor outstanding contributions

Jim Rohr speaking with students

Before receiving the Pace Setters Executive Award, James E. Rohr met with students inside Fisher’s Rohr Café, which bears the PNC executive’s family name.

Outstanding achievement, leadership, and service were the consistent themes as the Fisher College of Business community gathered this week to honor its Pace Setters award winners.

The college's top honor celebrated its 53rd year of recognizing students, faculty, staff, and alumni — and a crowd of almost 300 featured a number of past and current winners, including Chairman and CEO of The PNC Financial Services Group James E. Rohr.

Rohr, an MBA alumnus, received the 2013 Executive Award for his contributions to business as well as his extensive service to the community and to the college. In accepting the award, he spoke of his time on campus, the influence of his professors, and how his experiences as a business student emphasized keys to long-term success.

"We had great faculty, and that's what it was all about," Rohr said. "The idea of values was impressed upon me. We learned business and teamwork. There's arguably nothing more important than teamwork when you get out in the real world."

Faculty, staff, and student Pace Setters winners were recognized at the event, which was held inside the Wexner Center for the Arts on The Ohio State University campus. View photos.

Undergraduate Student Awards

About the winner

Jonathan Elder
Walter M. Rudin Junior Award

“While he excels academically, the hallmark of his application—and of him as a person, really — is service.”

Sarah Hambley
Katherine Porter Allen Prize

“Sarah earned Pace Setters recognition as a junior last year and also received the T.J. Burns Accounting Honors Award.”

Adam Windnagel
S. Maurice Bostic & Birch S. M. Bostic Memorial Award

“He’s one of a core group of students helping to drive the conversation about how to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.”

Elizabeth Mangels
Robert E. Georges Senior Award

“A member of our Honors Cohort and the University Honors Program, Elizabeth … (has) a long list of leadership and volunteer commitments.”

Jeff Kessler
Jack W. Stephenson Award

“He has an impressive combination of Fisher and university activities as well as entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary endeavors.”

Faculty and Staff Awards

About the winner

David Schilling
Bostic Georges Faculty Service Award

“He has served the college and the university with great distinction, professionalism, wisdom, and strength.”

Rebecca Naylor
Faculty Research Award

“Her research deals with important issues … and has changed the conversation in several domains.”

Susan Clark
Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award (Undergraduate)

“She puts students first. She’s understanding, knowledgeable, and, above all, an incredible teacher.”

Aravind Chandrasekaran
Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award (Graduate)

“He is deeply committed to experimentation, improvement, and innovation— from course development to his approach to teaching.”

Margie Bogenschutz
Coykendale MAX Staff Leadership Award

“Her peers will tell you that no one is more dedicated, more collaborative, more giving of her time and talents.”