May 23, 2012

Fisher students winners in the 2012 Business Plan Competition

Three Fisher undergraduates were members of the first-place winning team in the 2012 Ohio State University Business Plan Competition, hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship at Fisher. A complete list of winners can be found on the Center for Entrepreneurship website. 

Fisher senior Sean Moore, a finance student, Joe Zaycosky, an undergraduate majoring in operations and logistics management and Alex Gruenhagen, an accounting and operations management major, were members of the first-place team, Core Quantum Technologies. Their team was led by Kunal Parikh, a chemical engineering student.

The Core Quantum Technologies team plans to develop and commercialize next generation illumination and detection nanoparticles. Its first product will be based off of the patented MultiDot, which enables multiple breakthrough technologies in personal health test kits, solar cells, LED bulbs, and medical diagnostics.

The second-place team, BizBio, included Fisher MBA students Kyle Gantos and Matt Pieper. BizBio is a web-based recruitment tool that brings efficiency to the talent acquisition process.  Students seeking internships and jobs create a BizBio online profile that inculdes video presentation and behavioral and cognitive assessments, which will allow them to demonstrate their unique abilities to a variety of potential employers.

There are two tracks to the competition, “Open,” which members of the public working with Ohio State students can participate in and a separate competition exclusively for undergraduate students, co-sponsored by Venture Highway. Winners of the Open competition, co-sponsored by Deloitte & Touche U.S.A LLP, received $130,000 in cash and services to use as start-up funds. The first- place team in the Venture Highway Undergraduate Business Plan Competition track receive $5,000 cash prize.

For the first time in the history of the competition, a first-place team was headed by a woman.

Jenna Moomaw, an undergraduate major in industrial design and dance, led the first-place undergraduate team, Fidgit.  The team’s product, Fidgit, is a sensory seat designed to help children with conditions such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) whom often have trouble sitting still. Fidgit enables children to maintain upper body stability so they can focus on school work or other activities that require them to sit still. 

Awards Ceremony Slideshow - Business Plan Competition 2012