May 21, 2012

Faculty, students, alumni honored at 2012 Pace Setters

The 52nd annual Pace Setters Awards ceremony, held on May 10 at the Blackwell, celebrated the achievements of students, faculty and alumni. Pace Setters represent the top two percent of Fisher’s undergraduate and graduate students, and are selected not only on the basis of their academic performance, but also their ability to demonstrate leadership. Students are nominated, selected and voted upon by faculty and staff. Awards to faculty and alumni honor their contribution to the college.

Pace Setters faculty awards

Winner Remarks about the winner

Nancy Lahmers, Westerbeck Undergraduate Teaching Award

"...she has inspired me to want to learn even more than what I need to know to get an 'A' in the class."

"...the amount of time she pours into students is unparalleled. A mentor and leader to
so many."

James Hill, Westerbeck, Graduate Teaching Award

"This professor makes learning fun... and how he brings out the best in everyone, is exactly the kind of inspiration we look for in Fisher's classroom."

Robert Lount, Pace Setters Research Award

" of the most prolific and impactful scholars in the college... with multiple papers published in the most respected journals in his field. His research is described as rigorous and highly relevant."

Anil Arya, Bostic-Georges
Faculty Service Award

"I have been struck by his concern for students."
"His contributions and unselfish actions have made his department and the college a much better place."

Pace Setters student awards

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Pace Setters Executive Award

Paula Bennett, president and CEO of the women’s apparel company J. Jill, was awarded the Pace Setter Executive Award. Bennett received her degree in the marketing program at Fisher.

The award recognizes a business professional who has not only demonstrated career excellence, but has made a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

One of her staff described Bennett: "As president and CEO, she has an open-door policy and is especially willing to meet with young employees to discuss their aspirations and career paths. Her defining characteristic is her extraordinary support and compassion for all of her employees."

Photos from the ceremony, May 10, 2012