November 17, 2011

Fisher team successfully defends Biz Quiz title

Fisher undergraduates successfully defended their title in the Nationwide-Fisher Biz Quiz competition, where they challenged top business schools from around the country. Finance majors Adam Windnagel, Colin McMahon, and Alexander Doane made up the winning team. Bernadette Minton, professor of finance, served as the team advisor.

From Nov. 11-13, student teams from 18 universities tested their knowledge of business news and current events as reported in The Wall Street Journal from Sept. 27-Nov. 8.  Teams making it to the final round were University of Michigan, which finished second, and Texas A&M University, finishing third. The final round of the competition has a Jeopardy –style format, complete with game show buzzers.

“The competition could get very heated and intense,” said Windnagel, a junior. “Our team did a good job of staying relaxed on stage. When we didn’t know an answer, one of us would usually make a funny comment.”

According to Doane, a sophomore, the three teammates split up the newspaper sections among themselves. “I had the front section, Adam had ‘Marketplace’ and half of the ‘Personal Journal,’ and Colin had ‘Money and Investing’ and the other half of the ‘Personal Journal’,” Doane said. 

The team members wrote more than 2,000 questions as they read the articles and then quizzed each other during practice sessions. “We found that many of the questions we wrote were almost verbatim the questions asked during the actual competition,” Doane said.

That gave the team confidence going into the final round on Sunday morning. In fact, instead of studying Saturday night, the team chose to network with students from the other teams. 

“Our team felt it was important to go out, socialize and network with the students from around the country, which is just as big of a part of Biz Quiz as the competition itself,” said McMahon, a senior. “We had a number of people from other schools telling us: ‘Go out and beat Michigan.’"

“They were great students with whom to work,” said team advisor Minton.  “They were dedicated to reading the Journal daily, preparing questions on the articles that they read and really worked to know the material.  They are also competitive and wanted to defend the OSU title.  It was a fun weekend.”

The event is sponsored by the Nationwide Financial Leadership Rotation Program (FLRP). At the event, Nationwide extends invitations to participants to interview for internships and jobs through its leadership rotation program.