June 6, 2011

Semiconductor team wins 2011 business plan competition

Ten Fisher College of Business students were apart of the eight teams receiving awards in the 2011 Ohio State University Business Plan Competition hosted by Fisher.

Genanosys, a semiconductor technology company comprised of three Fisher MBA students, was the first-place winner. FinDestiny, a web-based financial planning and advising application, was the winner of the undergraduate track of the competition.

Second place winner was New Dimensions and third-place was captured by the HOIA Health. Second and third place winners for the undergraduate track were Social Signature and Columbus Promos.

The Genanoys’  team members include:  Paul Dymerski, who is the interim CEO and COO; Paul Berger, chief technology officer and Ohio State technology inventor; Daniel Casey, CFO, Bryan McElwain, marketing manager, a student in Fisher’s Working Professional MBA,; Kangsub Song , global account manager and second year MBA student in marketing; and Ravi Patel, finance manager, second year MBA student in finance and Andrew Stock, an Ohio State undergrad in computer science engineering.

Genanoys’  patented, platform technology provides a breakthrough solution to the problem that is known as the “power wall” in the semiconductor industry.  This power wall limits the further advancement of integrated circuits (ICs) in two major areas: power consumption and resultant heat production. This limitation is fast approaching and the continued improvements that attract customers and sales will no longer be possible. Genanosys designs and prototypes integrated circuits which, when incorporating baseline technology, will be over 50 percent more power efficient than current competitors and will produce 75 percent  less heat than existing technologies.

Second place--New Dimensions
New Dimensions is a company that provides unique, accessible, and advanced training equipment for the physical therapy and sports training markets.  Our first product will be the Theraputic Rolling Platform System (TRPS).   The TRPS represents an opportunity for quick entry into a market that is uncontested from an affordability and efficiency standpoint.  This market is for equipment that is focused on reactive balance training.  Most lower-body Injuries result from the inability to react to and stay balanced during an unexpected movement.  The TRPS addresses this by allowing physical therapists and sports trainers to improve patients' reactive balance.
Team Members:
Aaron Cornell – Law
Javvad Qasimi – MBA Working Professional
Wayne Wolfe – MBA Fulltime
Wenjie Zeng – Graduate Computer Science
Jeff Van Buren – inventor, Physical Therapist at Ohio Health – holds IP independent of Ohio Health.

Third Place – HOIA Health
HOIA Health’s proprietary device, the Sclerorzap, will eliminate painful fibroid breast cysts and other lymphatic malformations and prevent recurrence:  something current treatment protocols have failed to accomplish definitively.  The product is a packaged drug delivery system providing all that is needed to complete the procedure from start to finish.  This system not only delivers first of its kind treatment results to the patient, but can reduce the cost of the procedure to care centers by reducing the number of medical professionals that would otherwise be needed to complete the treatment.
Team Members:
James Chapel – non-student – Financial Analyst , CAO
David Frost – non-student - Sr. Financial Analyst, COO
Bryan Stainfield – non-student, CPA, CFO,
Adam Young – M.D. – 1st year MBA Fulltime, CMO
William E. Shiels, M.D. – CEO – developed the technology and is in partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital in IP ownership.


Undergraduate Track  (sponsored by Venture Highway)

First Place  – FinDestiny
FinDestiny is a web-based financial and goal-planning application focused on providing “actionable financial advice”. This will guide a user to the financial decisions needed to live the life they desire. The website will accomplish this by using various input about overall life goals (desired lifestyle, passion, spiritual goals etc.), in addition to current financial situation (job, education, debt level etc.), and then generate a tailored plan on all the financial issues that must be dealt with to make that plan a reality. Constructing and mastering these series of algorithms will be a difficult task, but not impossible as long as the company’s employees never lose the vision for the true purpose of personal finance.
Team Members:
Matt Kruza – Undergrad in Finance

Second Place – Social Signature
Social Signature is a mobile app designed to equip consumers with transparent, aggregated information about the social, environmental, and political ethics of products and services at the point of purchase. Social Signature will enable each customer to create customized ratings aggregation based on his or her preferences. Social Signature will also enable both product comparisons and user feedback. In doing so, Social Signature hopes to shift consumer purchasing decisions towards more ethical products and establish a trusting, engaged community of ethical consumers.
Team Members:
Megan Colgan – 4th year undergrad, Geography/International Studies
Marianna Kerppola – non-student

Third Place – Columbus Promos
Columbus Promos is an apparel customization business. Through attending industry trade shows, Columbus Promos was fortunate to find a company named Deco Network in December 2010.  Deco Network provides Columbus Promos with an affiliate website program that features one of the most complete ecommerce platforms on the market.  As a Deco Network affiliate partner, Columbus Promos has the right to give away an unlimited amount of free affiliate websites to our clients. Every affiliate website has a back-end site management system, an interactive product designer, the ability website has a back-end site management system, an interactive product designer, the ability to create custom web pages, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing tools, and much more.
Team Members:
Zach Dewhurst – Undergrad, Marketing
Ross Duris

Social Innovation Award – sponsored by the Tony R. Wells Foundation
Winner – Adaptive Fitness
This team has studied the unmet need of physically disabled adults seeking resources to allow them to independently engage in regular physical fitness activities.  Working with fitness trainers at a local non-profit organization and interviewing a number of people seeking equipment adaptable to their needs, the team has created a design concept for a piece of flexible, adaptable exercise equipment.  The team has completed an engineering model and is now building a fully-functioning prototype.   The team has created an “inclusive” design that will open up the market to all users.
Team Members:
Ryan Brown, Undergrad, Mechanical Engineering
D. R. Ebner, Grad student, Physical Therapy
Marc Groom, Grad student, Mechanical Engineering
Mike Jagels, Undergrad, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Justin Moyer, Undergrad, Industrial Design
Emily Schnittger, MBA, Marketing

Society of Business & Engineers Award - awarded the team showing the best cross disciplinary collaboration among diverse fields of study.

Winner – Team Vision
Team Vision has developed a concept for a low vision music aid to assist musicians who have lost the ability to read sheet music due to a visual impairment. The team has prototyped a 3D model with custom tactile features, and they are developing a software interface that could be used with the custom hardware or with a commercially available tablet PC. In addition to collecting end user feedback, Team Vision is in the process of assessing production feasibility and contacting strategic partners to implement their market entry strategy.
Team Members:
Nicolas Campos, Undergrad, Mechanical Engineering
Laura Christobek, Undergrad, Mechanical Engineering
Gunter Eickert, Undergrad, Biomedical Engineering
Emma Sanders, Undergrad, Industrial Design
Alexi Sawayda, Graduate, Occupational Therapy
Erica Waite, MBA, Working Professional