February 28, 2011

Faculty, staff honored for service to undergraduate students

Seven Fisher faculty and staff members received awards for excellence in teaching and service. The awards ceremony and undergraduate student mixer were held Monday, Feb. 21. Dean Chris Poon presented the awards to the recipients.

Receiving awards were: Andrea Prud'homme, an assistant professor of Management Sciences, Outstanding Service Award; David Harrison, executive director of Minority Student Services, Outstanding Staff Member Award; Jackie Elcik, executive director of the Undergraduate Programs Office, also received the Outstanding Staff Member Award. Outstanding Teacher awards were given to Tzachi Zach, Accounting & MIS; Rebecca Naylor, Marketing & Logistics, Dan Oglevee, Finance; and Terry Klinker, Management Sciences.

The Awardees and what students had to say:

Andrea Prud'homme

"She has been a driving force in the overwhelming success of Buckeye Operations Management Society (BOMS). I have been impressed time and time again with her level of commitment and passion for BOMS and operations management."

David Harrison

"The time, effort and discipline that David dedicates to his job, his family, and to his students are truly noteworthy."

Jacqueline Elcik

"(She) is not the Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office, but the Professional Problem Solver & Mentor Extraordinaire."

Rebecca Naylor

"Dr. Naylor makes class so fun, exciting, and engaging that sometimes you don't even realize that you're learning because it's just that interesting. She has made me really appreciate Fisher more just knowing that she cared about my learning the material."

Tzachi Zach

Student stated, "you can just tell by sitting in one of his lectures that he wants all of us to understand accounting, challenge ourselves, and prepare ourselves for the rest of our accounting education here at Fisher."

Daniel Oglevee

"What I like best about Professor Oglevee's class is that he acts like our boss and class resembles the real world. We have to let him know if we will be late or absent; he expects our work to be reliable and done to our abilities; and lastly he expects us to act professionally at all times."

Terry Klinker

"The case studies Professor Klinker gave us required a lot of work and provided a lot of benefit."