August 9, 2010

Barney receives Academy of Management award

Barney receives Academy of Management award for scholarship


Jay Barney, the Chase Chair for Excellence in Corporate Strategy and a professor in Management and Human Resources, was awarded the Scholarly Contributions to Management Award by the Academy of Management. He received the award at the academy’s award ceremony on Sunday, August 9.

“This is the most distinguished award given for scholarship at the Academy every year,” said David Greenberger, chair of the Department of Management and Human Resources.  “On the basis of all that he has done during his career, we all know that Jay is a very deserving of it.  When you look at the list of past winners, it is basically a who’s who of the outstanding scholars to the field.” 

Barney's research focuses on the relationship between firm skills and capabilities and sustained competitive advantage. He has published over eighty-five articles in a variety of journals and books, including the Academy of Management Review, the Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, the Journal of Management and the Sloan Management Review. He has been on the editorial boards at the Academy of Management Review and the Strategic Management Journal; he has been associate editor at the Journal of Management and senior editor at Organization Science and currently serves as editor of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

According to a statement on the Academy of Management web site: “This award is granted on an annual basis for significant scholarly contributions that have advanced management and organizational knowledge and practice.  Such contributions are defined to include the creation and dissemination of new knowledge in the form of empirical or theoretical developments.  Significant scholarly contributions may take the form of conceptual, theoretical, or empirical developments having significant impact upon management knowledge and practice.”