October 22, 2009

Fisher receives top ranking for environmental curriculum

The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business was ranked 24th in the Beyond Grey Pinstripes Global 100 ranking for 2009. More than 149 schools from 24 countries participated, according to the Aspen Institute, which conducts the survey.
The Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranking survey spotlights innovative full-time MBA programs leading the way in the integration of issues concerning social and environmental stewardship in the curriculum. The Aspen Institute will hold its MBA Awards recognition on Nov. 5-6 in New York City.

“The MBA program’s ranking in Beyond Grey Pinstripes is reflective of the tremendous effort we've made over the last five years to tackle issues of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability both in and outside the classroom,” said Karen Hopper Wruck, associate dean for graduate programs. 

The ranking is the result of over 18 months of rigorous research, data collection and analysis by the Aspen Institute, which examines how MBA programs incorporate social and environmental issues into the training of future business leaders.

“In these challenging economic times, the general public, not just scholars, are questioning whether the established models of business are broken,” said Rich Leimsider, Director of the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education.  “Beyond Grey Pinstripes schools are thoughtfully pursuing new approaches.  They are preparing students who take a more holistic view of business success, one that measures financial results as well as social and environmental impacts.”

“The idea of integrating the principles of integrity into management decision making and fostering important discussions on how business decisions impact the environment and communities are very important,” Wruck said. “Our students, as business leaders of the future, need to understand when the business case can be made for a particular course of action, and when it cannot.”