November 3, 2017 Office of Career Management creating life-changing opportunities

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When companies such as Techtronic Industries (TTI) recruit students at Fisher for full-time employment, recruiters know what they’re getting as soon as they step foot on campus.

“The Office of Career Management at Fisher does an incredible job preparing the future business leaders of today’s workforce,” said Ian Korolenko, sales and product trainer at TTI. “Between the mock interviews, résumé workshops, career fairs and seamless connectivity between employers and students, each candidate that we extend an offer to graduates with effective communication skills and is highly qualified for positions at TTI.”

Fisher’s Office of Career Management (OCM) has long served as a dedicated and crucial resource for thousands of career-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. This past year, Fisher’s OCM helped 87 percent of undergraduate students find employment locally, nationally and internationally within three months of graduation.

“The Office of Career Management prides itself on its ability to work with students and employers to build, strengthen and highlight the skills that ultimately lead to rewarding and productive careers,” said Jeff Rice, executive director of Fisher’s OCM. “Our team is constantly innovating to engage with students and employers in frequent and meaningful ways to advance Fisher as a destination for top talent. We are fortunate to have faculty, staff, alumni, and student leaders who collaborate with our team in delivering best-in-class career preparation programs and recruiting services.

“We are proud of our nationally-recognized programs and services and look forward to continuing to advance the Office of Career Management as a key differentiator for Fisher and our students.”

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So, what has propelled nearly 90 percent of all undergraduate students to jobs after graduation and 98 percent of students to at least one internship or work-related experience prior to graduation?

It’s a career management model that encourages, fosters and engages students early in their academic careers at Fisher, often within their first year on campus.

While acclimating to the college experience, OCM staff members encourage students to explore a number of programs unique to first-years, including the new Undergraduate Job Shadow Program, a career-readiness presentation that is integrated into the Business Survey class offered to students, and the Investment Banking Preparation Program, which is open to all first-year students interested in that field.

“OCM definitely gave me a head start when I was still a freshman,” said Andy Lin, a second-year student from China. “The staff are very welcoming and patient. Not only did they revise my résumé, but they also provided a lot of useful information for international students to become more successful here in America.”

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The OCM provides second-year Fisher students the option to become certified in the nationally awarded Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate (QUIC) program. QUIC-certified students learn interviewing skills and have access to full-time and internship interviewing opportunities available through FisherConnect, the college’s online site for job postings, interviews, career fairs and employer information sessions. In 2016-17, OCM staff members conducted more than 1,100 mock interviews with Fisher undergraduates.

“Whether interacting with students via career fairs, campus events or individual interviews, I am continually impressed with the level of professionalism Fisher students greet me with,” said Emily Miller, campus recruiter for Oracle North America. “Fisher requires its students to complete a series of mock interviews as a prerequisite to pursuing professional opportunities. After completing these mock interviews, Fisher students arrive with a better understanding of how to answer questions thoroughly and concisely and the due diligence necessary to complete a successful interview.”

As Fisher students hone interviewing skills, OCM advisors, consultants and even fellow students provide invaluable feedback through résumé review sessions. In all, nearly 900 sessions in 2016-17 helped students refine their résumés for potential employers.

Fisher students have access to hundreds of employers across dozens of industries through Fisher’s twice- yearly career fairs. The Fisher Fall Career Fair and the Spring Internship and Job Fair attract more than 200 companies to campus. In 2016-17, more than 3,500 students attended both events.

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Third-year students gain valuable career preparation insights in and out of the classroom. BA2601 — a job search preparation course taught by OCM staff — provides lessons on cover letters, interviewing, salary negotiation, social media and personal branding. Career coaches work with students on crafting effective LinkedIn profiles before they embark on internship experiences.

While nearly all Fisher students have at least one internship or work experience, many choose to leverage Fisher’s partnerships and networks in central Ohio for unique internship opportunities. More than a third of students — 36 percent — found internships in Columbus in 2016-17, solidifying the city as one of the best for soon-to-be and new college graduates.

“Through OCM, I have gained exposure to many companies, and the career and Internship fair helped me obtain an internship after my sophomore year,” said Heather Stamper, a fourth-year student. “By maintaining these connections, I had secured a full-time job by the time I entered my senior year.”

Equipped with polished résumés, effective interviewing skills and applicable internship experience, fourth-year students are able to harness the full reach of FisherConnect.

“The Office of Career Management has provided me the skills necessary to succeed in post-grad life by empowering me to interview, obtain and go beyond in my internships during my time at Fisher,” said Joe Kline, a fourth-year student who has completed internships at Lincoln Financial Group, DHL Supply Chain and KPMG.

“When recruiting at Fisher it is clear that students have been provided the tools and information they need to be successful in their career search. They are eager to learn about opportunities and they take the process very seriously. They are extremely active and involved on campus and come to the table ready to talk about their experiences, leadership and impact.”

Annie MumpowerTalent ID Manager, PwC