Nicole Klipstine

Before she ever stepped foot on Fisher’s campus, Nicole (Williams) Klipstine (BS ’15, MAcc ’16) had already been a Buckeye for fourteen years. From early childhood participation in one of Ohio State’s extension programs, to her graduate degree, Ohio State has been a cornerstone of her personal and professional growth. Now Nicole shares how Fisher prepared her to start a successful career at Deloitte.

Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments.

I am currently in my fourth year with Deloitte, where I provide tax consulting, provision and compliance services for corporate clients and manage a number of engagements for global companies.

I’ve had unique opportunities to lead very early on in my career with Deloitte — and can trace my success in these roles to the skills Fisher helped me develop.

During my first two years with the firm, I planned and led Deloitte’s Impact Day service opportunities for the Columbus office, and I am proud to be a member of the Columbus office’s Inclusion Council and serve on the Women’s Initiative committee.

What is your favorite business school-related memory from Ohio State/Fisher?

Hands down, it was competing in the Deloitte FanTAXtic case competition. The competition gave me a taste of tax consulting projects and helped me to decide that Deloitte was where I wanted to start my career. In fact, during a break in one of our work sessions (leading up to the regional competition), I called the campus recruiter to verbally accept my full-time offer with Deloitte.

Did you participate in any community service efforts while at Fisher?

YES! “Paying It Forward” is one of my favorite “OSU-isms.” I believe it’s important to serve the community, especially the one that provided me with so many opportunities. During undergrad, I packed meals as part of the inaugural Fisher Impact Day and in graduate school, I landscaped at the Franklin Park Conservatory during MAcc Gives Back.

MAcc Gives Back
MAcc Gives Back

How has Ohio State made a difference in your career?

Growing up in rural Ohio in a family of Buckeye alumni was my very first memory of Ohio State, but participating in the Ohio 4-H Youth Development program through the extension was the first time Ohio State influenced my education and personal development.

Through 4-H, I made lifelong friendships, developed professional skills ranging from running a meeting to public speaking, and honed personal characteristics with an emphasis on integrity.

Ohio State had such an impact on my 14 years in 4-H, that when deciding on an undergraduate university, the answer was obvious — not only would I carry on the family tradition and attend Ohio State, but Ohio State would continue to influence my development as I entered the next chapter of my life.  

Why did you decide to do your graduate work at Ohio State?

I knew I wanted to continue my education, and after realizing the growth I’d experienced during undergrad, I was confident remaining at Ohio State for grad school was the right choice for me.

I was accepted to Fisher’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) program, and I quickly received opportunities to apply my accounting knowledge in a practical way. I worked closely with Steve Singer and Jill Westerfeld on a handful of data analytics projects during my time as a graduate assistant in the Office of Career Management.

I also served under Stephanie Lewis as a site leader for one of Fisher’s VITA tax clinics, an IRS-sponsored program which provides free tax compliance services to taxpayers who fall below the stated income threshold. The MAcc program allowed me to both continue my education and to start applying my skills in meaningful ways.

Nicole Klipstine with Stephanie LewisWhat advice would you give to a current student or recent Fisher graduate?

My advice is twofold:

First, make the most of your time at Fisher. Find a way to manage your time and intentionally develop both yourself and your network while in school, and it will pay dividends once you’ve started your professional career.

Second, utilize the resources in the Office of Career Management. I was lucky enough to have frequent one-on-one access to practice interviews, resume critiques and just general networking advice during my time as a GA, but ANY Fisher student has those opportunities available to them — it’s all just an appointment away!

What has graduating from Ohio State meant to you?

Receiving my degrees from Ohio State means I accomplished two of my major goals: graduating from college and earning my master’s degree. It also means I am now part of the vast network of Buckeye alumni, including my mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, and husband. I am extremely proud to be a Buckeye for life!