Jasmine Mathis

Jasmine Mathis is leveraging the holistic experience of Fisher's Honors Cohort program to launch a career in corporate law and blaze a trail for others.

As a member of the 25th Honors Cohort, Jasmine Mathis has had her eyes set on a career in law for as long as she can remember. Jasmine is leveraging the breadth and depth of the Honors Cohort Program to not only pursue a career in corporate law, but to pave the way for women of color in the industry.

Despite being the daughter of two Clemson Tigers, Jasmine knew she was a Buckeye from the minute she stepped foot on Fisher's campus. She fully immersed herself immediately, serving as a Fisher ambassador, Fisher Peer Advisor and president of the Undergraduate Black Law Student Association.

Jasmine, who is specializing in operations management, joined the Cohort program in spring 2021 confident that the Cohort experience would give her a holistic business education, prepare her for law school and challenge her to grow as a professional and as an individual.

Currently in her junior year and first year of the Honors Cohort Program, Jasmine is already noticing the immense value the program has provided, as its networking, mentorship and peer support opportunities have driven her growth.

"I have definitely started to feel more confident in my own abilities, opinions and thoughts," she said. "I have learned to trust in my own value that I bring to the table."

Jasmine discussed how the program's trip to Chicago in October 2021 introduced her to career paths she had previously not known existed. Among the highlights: the MBA panel and the many connections she has made with corporate attorneys. The experience has helped Jasmine grow her professional network beyond what she could have imagined for herself.

"I am nothing without my village — my Ohio State village and Honors Cohort village," she said. "I am nothing without the resources and the people that I have met. I am nothing without the hand that I was dealt and the people that have come before me to make sure people like me could have opportunities to make their dreams come true. Nobody does anything themselves."

In addition to the professional connections made through the program, Jasmine noted how valuable it is getting to navigate her path alongside her Honors Cohort peers, some of whom are also considering law school.

This summer, Jasmine plans to return to GE Healthcare for a second summer as an intern in its Commercial Leadership Program. She plans to attend law school following graduation in May 2023 and hopes to practice corporate law in the future.

Jasmine's passion for diversity, equity and inclusion, serving her community and inspiring others to do the same shines through in everything she does. She is truly blazing a trail, not only as potentially the first attorney in her family, but for women and people of color across the field of law.

"A lot of what I do is not for myself. It is very intentional," she said. "I know I am helping lead more people of color into the legal field by making sure that I do what I have to do to be successful."

Tyler (Ty) Shepfer Senior Lecturer, Director, Honors Cohort Program, Academic Director, Master of Human Resource Management Program
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