No matter where he finds himself, in a classroom or in his new role as the director of client engagement at LogicSource, Inc. in Cleveland, Tada Yamamoto (BSBA ’09, MBA ’17) is committed to staying connected and serving his community.

Tada YamamotoHow has Fisher made a difference in your career?

The program that most defined my experience at Fisher was the Honors Cohort Program. Not only has it continued to be one of the primary ways that I remain connected with the university through mentorship and contributions, but the program also provided me with a strong network of like-minded business peers that I relied upon when I entered the professional world.

My time in The Logistics Association gave me the ability to test my leadership capabilities and gain a friend and a mentor in our faculty advisor, who continues to be a sounding board for me as I've made career moves. It obviously doesn't hurt that the student organization also exposed me to a multitude of companies in the field that I sought to enter and in which I have spent a large part of my career thus far.

Additionally, the case competitions during my MBA allowed me to test the waters and lead presentations that many don't truly lead until later in their careers, helping me to refine the skills that I use today as a consultant.

What service did you participate in at Ohio State/Fisher?

As an undergrad many years ago, I volunteered with several organizations, but the experience that is most notable was serving as a site liaison with the Student Leaders in the Service Activism organization. This allowed me to get experience leading volunteers at the Godman Guild in Columbus.

As an MBA, having the experience with Fisher Board Fellows and serving on the board of directors for LifeCare Alliance was one of the most memorable experiences I've had. LifeCare Alliance is an operator of Meals on Wheels, and one of my fellow MBA students and I drove a weekly route to deliver meals and experience first-hand what it was like to volunteer for the organization and see the direct impact this program has on the clients and the community.

Have you continued your commitment to community service post-graduation?

In the early days of the pandemic, I was fortunate to serve a brief stint in Project N95 as we sought to aid in matching supply to demand during the personal protective equipment shortage. It was a meaningful way to contribute to the greater good using the skills Fisher helped me develop.

It’s important to me to continue to find ways to contribute to Fisher. I serve as an alumni mentor to students in the Honors Cohort program and my business fraternity. Additionally, I've served as a faculty advisor to one of the MBA teams in the Global Applied Projects class.

What is your favorite Fisher memory?

I loved the ad-hoc study sessions we would frequently have as MBA students. I think spending time together with my peers in that environment was some of the most unique experiences – the sessions connected people who had vastly different social lives and backgrounds. While our focus was on studying, we still found ways to have fun together.

MBA Collaboration 2017

Did you have a favorite spot on campus?

The Mason Rotunda is one of my favorite places. Not only is it one of the most iconic buildings on Fisher’s campus, in my opinion, but it has been the location of competitions, casual meetings, organized social events and a place to crash when I just happen to be on campus. In addition, its transformation from a library to a café with meeting rooms, spaces for people to meet, collaborate and to spend social time together defines how Fisher is adapting to the changing world – much like how businesses need to change as well.

Graduating from Ohio State meant....

...that I am part of a family I can recognize worldwide. I am so proud to be an Ohio native, a graduate and part of the state’s workforce. I love being from a Midwestern, land grant institution, as it attracts and fosters the humility in our community that contributes so much to the world, while staying grounded.

What advice would you give to a current student or recent Fisher graduate?

Don't forget to come back and reconnect with Fisher, Ohio State, your collegiate friends or the faculty and staff at the university. As life goes on, it can be difficult to remember to keep in touch, but as our formative years were spent here, not only do we owe a great deal to this institution for making us who we are, but it can continue to be a source of significant benefit to us as well.