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Academic Dates and Deadlines

Fisher Academic Calendar

The majority of courses at Fisher function on a 7-week "session" format; two sessions per semester. In order to maximize your classroom experience and accommodate the 7 week sessions, Fisher has a customized academic calendar.  

We require all graduate students at Fisher to refer to and follow the Fisher Academic Calendar when planning for and attending courses and exams.  

  Classes Begin Classes End Exam Dates
Autumn Session 1
August 21 October 8 October 9 - October 12
Autumn Session 2
October 14 December 5 December 3, 6, 9 - 11
Spring Session 1
January 6 February 20 February 21 - 25
Spring Session 2
February 26 April 22 April 23 - 29







Dates are subject to change as needed or as extenuating circumstances arise.

Academic Deadlines

Fisher follows the Ohio State registration and fee schedule. We will notify you of major deadlines to help keep you on track and up to speed; however, you are responsible and accountable for being aware of and meeting these deadlines throughout your academic career at Fisher. For a comprehensive schedule visit the online reference: