Social Scene

Like anywhere else, the social scene at Fisher is what you make of it. But unlike everywhere else, the social scene here is teaming with your peers and loads of activities tailored to graduate students. In addition to events driven by student clubs and organizations, there are plenty of things to do outside of the business school for singles, married students, spouses, children, and families.

Some MHRM students share their favorite places to spend time when they are not focused on course work. Click on the picture next to each response to view a video or photos.

American Gothic mural in the Short North
  What is your favorite Columbus neighborhood?

I love visiting the Short North since it has so much to offer. The North Market is great for a Saturday morning, there are tons of local restaurants with excellent food, shops and boutiques to visit, and the Gallery Hop happens the first Saturday of every month. It's a completely different world from campus and yet it's right down the street.

Stacey Dibowski
MHRM Class of 2011

Easton Town Center
  Where is the best place to go shopping?

In terms of shopping there is some great shopping areas. I think Easton Town Center is defiantly my favorite. It’s this great big outdoor shopping area with a lot of places to eat and you can walk around.

Meg Flood
MHRM Class of 2011

  Where is the best place to work out on campus?

The RPAC is fabulous. Ohio State has a rec center that matches the quality of the school that we have here. You can workout  at the RPAC which has three different pools, workout facilities and they offer classes.

Samantha Johnson
MHRM Class of 2010

Brutus Buckeye
  What are football game days like in Columbus?

You wake up on Saturday and you’re ready to go to a football game. There is tailgating, there are events you can go to like the band’s Skull Session performance before the game, you can do anything that supports your Buckeye pride.

Samantha Johnson
MHRM Class of 2010

  Are there any good outdoor spots in Columbus?

"I actually love to go in the Clintonville area, where there is this area of ravines. There is pocket a lot of people don’t know about in the backyards of houses but there is a lot of walking trails down there that makes you feel in the middle of nature, but you are also in the middle of the city."

Courtney Labenne
MHRM Class of 2012

Comfest concert Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers
  What is your favorite festival in Columbus?

"I think one of the best things that I’ve done, that I’ve really enjoyed was right before school started and it was going to Comfest, which is a festival in Columbus with lots of music and food and it was a great way to introduced to the city and meet some of my neighbors, meet some other students, meet people who live in Columbus. It was a great experience." 

Kathleen Newell
MHRM Class of 2011

Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers Clippers
  Other than at Ohio State where is the best place to watch live sporting events?

I’m a big sports fan, so the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey games are a big thing for me. The Columbus Clippers, which is the minor league affiliate for the Cleveland Indians, just built a brand new ballpark downtown.

Daniel Rutkowski
MHRM Class of 2012

Bike Path Downtown Columbus Bike Path from Northbank Park Bike Path leading to Ohio State Bike Path Bridge Olentangy Bike Path Lane Avenue Bridge
  What is the best way to explore Columbus?

One of my favorite things about Columbus is the bike path along the Olentangy River. You can ride your bike for nearly 30 miles along the path, which takes you from Worthington and south to downtown. Along the way there are parks, picnic areas and great neighborhoods like Clintonville, Victorian Village, and the Ohio State campus. It's a beautiful, accessible path that will take you through much of what makes Columbus great!

Megan Ellis
MHRM Class of 2010