The Master of Business Operational Excellence courses are taught by experienced faculty who are accomplished educators, researchers and consultants.

Their knowledge of operational excellence and lean management principles and ability to apply that knowledge in the classroom create a stimulating and challenging educational experience.

MBOE Faculty
Fisher Faculty:

Distinguished Lecturers:

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In Their Words

  • “Plain and simple, the MBOE program creates problem solvers.  Not just any kind of problem solver, it develops problem solvers that prevent problems before they ever happen.

    Lean thinking, a continuous improvement mindset, and operational excellence methodologies virtually eliminate the need for ‘firefighting.’ These skills are transferrable and applicable to any work setting and create an immediate impact and lasting results.”

    Michael Raisor
    MBOE Class of 2011
    Ph.D., Executive Director for Operational Excellence, Evansville Vanderburgh
    School Corporation