The MBOE program is structured to provide intense periods of on-campus learning, followed with practical application of these concepts, through the integrative Capstone Project. Because individuals learn in different and multiple ways, the MBOE emphasizes four types of learning throughout the 12-month program: classroom learning; “Gemba” learning (or learning where the work is done); distance learning; and project learning.

Classroom and “Gemba” learning occur largely on site during the eight on-campus sessions. Distance and project learning occur continuously at the participants’ own locations. The on-campus sessions also provide opportunities to share experiences and learn from other students. This curriculum provides a powerful learning environment and rich educational experience.

The MBOE and the MBOE for Health Care both begin each December and you earn your degree in 12 months. Students go thru the program as a cohort taking all of the same courses at the same time as full-time graduate students. Therefore individuals can only enroll in the program at the beginning in December.


The operational excellence courses are concentrated, productive learning opportunities which focus on individual components of operational excellence. Over the course of the program students will learn strategic thinking through eight different modules.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is an integral part of the MBOE program. Work with your coach and sponsor to implement a specific value stream project that will use A3 "storyboards" and achieve a major improvement for your organization.

Program Calendar

The MBOE program is structured to provide minimal disruption to your busy work schedule and personal life. On-campus sessions meet eight times for four consecutive days over a 12-month program period.

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In Their Words

  • “Most programs provide you with LEAN tools but the MBOE program at OSU gave much more than tools. The program showed me how to use the tools as well as how to develop a management program that allows the organization to create a LEAN culture where everyone learns and improves the work.”

    Sherry Valentine
    MBOE Class of 2011,
    Nurse Practice Manager for Neurosurgery, Akron
    Children’s Hospital