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Health Care on Location

Gemba learning, or learning where the work is done, is emphasized in the MBOE. Specifically, on-campus sessions include well-organized trips to integrate classroom learning with best practice in action. Such Gemba learning will occur in both health care and other industrial settings.

In the MBOE for Health Care program, Session 6 in June will include a gemba visit for the entire four days in Palo Alto, CA with Stanford Medical Center along with other health care facilties. Session 7 in October will include a gemba visit for the entire four days in Appleton, Wisconsin, with ThedaCare.  See program calendar for session dates.

There is a $3,500 gemba travel expense fee in addtion to the tuition for the MBOE Health Care program. This fee will cover the cost of hotel accommodations (single occupancy) for up to five nights while in Palo Alto and Appleton. Local transportation during the gemba visits and daily breakfast and lunch are also covered by this fee. Personal transportation to Palo Alto and Appleton is not included and is the responsibility of each student.

Accommodations will be as follows:

Palo Alto, CA  TBD

Appleton, WI at the CopperLeaf Boutique Hotel