Gemba Trips

The classroom provides an excellent platform for learning.  The Lean Manager’s mentoring is enhanced by going to the place where the work is done – “Gemba.”  It is there, through repeated exposure, that they can best learn the three key elements of Standard Work for Managers.  

Those elements are to Manage Flow, Eliminate Waste and to Train Others to do the same. MBOE students take Gemba trips to local companies during many of the on-campus sessions. Students in the MBOE for Health Care will experience Gemba learning in both health care as well as other industrial settings.   

In Their Words

  • “The integration of advanced forward-thinking Lean Six Sigma tools with the true essences of continuous improvement, which is critical dialogue and change management leadership applied in real world applications.” 

    Keith Gildee
    MBOE Class of 2011,
    Quality Manager,
    Clow Water Systems