The following is a list of frequently asked questions that future students ask about Fisher's MBOE program. If you don't find answer to your question please Contact Us.

The MBOE is for people identified by their executive leaders as having high potential for success in managing operations toward excellence.

Candidate have earned a bachelors degree from an accredited university (all disciplines are welcome), at least three to five years of successful work experience in which managing processes are part of the job, been recommended by an executive sponsor and have a passion for relentless improvement.

Physicians, nurses, and senior staff in healthcare organizations should apply to the MBOE for Health Care. Individuals from all other industries should apply to the regular MBOE program.

Applicants whose cumulative undergraduate GPA is a 3.0 or lower, may be required to submit a GMAT score. For additional information please contact Beth Miller.

The admissions committee takes a comprehensive approach in evaluating applications. We consider the application package in its entirety and we evaluate managerial experience, undergraduate and graduate academic performance, letters of recommendations, applicant’s statement of purpose and evidence of quantitative experience.

Please review the admissions criteria for a complete outline of the supporting documentation required when submitting an application.

The application fee is $80. The application fee increases to $200 if you apply after June 30, 2016.

The MBOE program has an application deadline of September 30 with rolling admissions. If the classes are not full by this date, applications will continue to be accepted. 

Once we receive a complete application and all supporting documentation, your application will be reviewed by members of the MBOE Admissions Committee which consists of faculty and staff within Fisher College of Business.

You will then be required to participate in an interview (on campus when possible) with your sponsor to review your academic preparedness and fit with the program’s goals and philosophies.

Once we have received a complete application packet and verification that your sponsor has watched the sponsor video you will be contacted to schedule the on-campus interview. During your interview you will meet with at least two members of the MBOE Admissions Committee. Your sponsor is also required to participate in the interview. If you do not live within driving distance of the Fisher campus, the interview will be conducted as a conference call.

You should be prepared to discuss your academic preparation for the program - particularly in the quantitative and accounting areas. In addition, be prepared to discuss projects that you have handled that demonstrate your management skills.

The committee will be interested in learning how the MBOE program fits into your long-term managerial aspirations and in what special skills and experiences you can bring to class that will enrich the class discussions. The committee will also want to know what you and your sponsor have as ideas for your capstone project.

You will receive two letters from The Ohio State University: One of the letters will recommend your admittance from Fisher College of Business Office of Executive Education. A second letter from The Ohio State University’s Graduate Admissions Office will follow notifying you that your admission has been judged official at the university level.

Students are required to provide a $1,500 deposit immediately after acceptance to the MBOE program. The deposit will be held as confirmation of your intention to attend and will be applied towards your tuition. Deposits are not refundable once orientation begins.

This varies, but we hear from our students that they dedicate anywhere from 15-20 hours per week outside of class time on projects, studies and preparation.

MBOE students will receive education in the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge during session 6. After successfully passing the Six Sigma Black Belt exam and demonstrating their competency through a Six Sigma DMAIC Project students will be awarded the certification.

Yes. The curriculum during the Six Sigma training will be adjusted for any student who already has a Black Belt certification.  We also offer additional  Black Belt Enhancement sessions.

Yes. It doesn’t matter if they pay your tuition or not. In either situation, they must sign the employer letter of support because this verifies they will ensure that you will receive the necessary support in the implementation of your capstone project at your place of employment.

The MBOE program provides a book for the first session and other course materials throughout the 12-month program. Some required text books must be purchased by students.

In Their Words

  • “The MBOE program provided an opportunity for me to learn and practice a new way of thinking in alignment with critical factors required for success.”

    Kim Toussant
    MBOE Class of 2011
    Associate Director,
    Center for Clinical and
    Translational Science,
    OSU Medical Center