Student Organizations

Student activities are as varied as the students themselves. You are sure to find a group that suits your interests and aspirations. Various student groups invite speakers to campus, sponsor conferences and other special events, organize networking trips, and hold career development forums in conjunction with Fisher's Office of Career Management.

Master of Business Logistics Engineering (MBLE) students have a student organization of their own. The MBLE Association seeks to proactively serve the professional and educational needs of Master of Business Logistics Engineering students.

Fisher offers an organization for practically any group or interest. These organizations enable you to interact with fellow students who have shared interests or backgrounds, expand your learning outside the classroom, make some lifelong friends, and just have fun. Explore all of Fisher's graduate student organizations.

The Intergrated Systems Engineering (ISE) Department at Ohio State's College of Engineering also offers a variety of professional societies, at the local, national and international level for students to become active in and meet practicing professionals and potential employers. Explore all of ISE's student organizations.

If you do not find your match, you can either make a proposal for starting a new club by using some of the business school’s seed capital set aside for such initiatives or you can explore the university wide clubs and organization scene.