Financial Aid

There are many ways that an advanced degree can be financed, and at Fisher, we are able to provide assistance to those wishing to pursue the Master of Business Logistics (MBLE) degree.


Fisher College of Business is pleased to announce the availability of the Master of Business Logistics Engineering (MBLE) scholarship to qualified students holding a U.S. citizenship or residency status.

This scholarship is a one-time, on-enrollment award of $6,000 to cover program tuition costs. For more information please contact the MBLE Program Director at

Loans and Employment

In addition to the MBLE scholarship opportunity, eligible students may be able to apply for federal and private student loans, as well as Graduate or Teaching Assistantships on campus. The Student Financial Aid office provides a complete listing of all student loan opportunities.  Graduate Assistantship/Teaching Assistantship positions are advertised on Ohio State University's Student Employment Opportunities webpage.