Class Profile

Our dedication to diversity guarantees that you will learn in a vibrant, multicultural environment. Nothing makes a classroom discussion more interesting than hearing different views and ideas on a given topic.

Master of Business Logistics Engineering class have included students from all over the world including China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,  United States, and. Master of Business Logistics Engineering students are also represented by diverse undergraduate majors such as computer science & technology. economics, engineering, finance, international relations, and management.

Class of 2014 profile
Students enrolled: 40
Women: 66 percent
Selectivity: 35 percent
Test Scores
Average GMAT
    GMAT Total Average: 698
         Overall Scoring Range: 610 - 770
    GMAT Average Quantitative Score: 50 (88th percentile)
         Overall Scoring Range: 47 - 51
Average GRE
    GRE Total Average: 322
         Overall Scoring Range: 307 - 330
    GRE Average Quantitative Score: 161 (80th percentile)
         Overall Scoring Range: 159 - 170
Average TOEFL
    Average TOEFL Score: 103
        Minimum score required by program = 100
* Please note: GMAT & GRE scores represent students that have gained successful enrollment in the MBLE program. Students who fall slightly below these scores are not automatically rejected, as the academic review committee will evaluate your application as a whole with all program applicants.
Undergraduate GPA
     Median GPA: 3.5
     Middle 80 percent : 3.24 - 3.9
International Students
     Countries Represented:
United States
Undergraduate Majors
Arts 8 percent
Business Administration 8 percent
Economic and Finance 24 percent
Engineering 16 percent
Information Technology 8 percent
Logistics Management 36 percent