Global Opportunities

As an Master of Business Logistics Engineering student, you will have limitless opportunities to gain international exposure at Fisher. The college's Office of Global Business works closely with faculty to offer students unique opportunities to combine academic study with global exploration, learning first-hand about business practices and challenges around the world.

Emerging Markets Field Study (EMFS)

For over a decade, one of the most popular elective courses at Fisher has been the Emerging Markets Field Study class. This course allows students to learn all about a specific country in a developing market, including its socio-economic structure, history and political system.

This course also involves spending a week in the country of study itself - in which students present their findings to the management of local companies.

Elective Treks

Elective Treks are non-credit, faculty-led visits to countries where specific functional topics are of great interest. No coursework is required - students are simply able to enjoy some "bonus learning time" during school breaks.

MHR 894 - Micro-Enterprises and Economic Development

The course is offered to graduate students and combines classroom study with a 10 day experience in one or more Bolivian villages. Students will seek to understand the challenges faced by small, entrepreneurial firms in producing and marketing products for global markets.

Foreign Languages

Traveling and working in an increasingly global business environment makes knowing a foreign language the norm rather than the exception. While some of our students master a foreign language before they start at Fisher, the Office of Global Business offers you opportunities to either start or refine your foreign language skills in the language of your choice using resources at Ohio State or Rosetta Stone.