Prepare for a global career by gloablizing your education!  Each year, more and more Fisher MBAs join multinational organizations that consider a global mindset a critical and valuable employee asset.  Many of those same employers expect that the MBAs they hire will spend at least some of their professional lives working and living outside of the USA or their home countries.  At the Office of Global Business (OGB), we help you prepare yourself for that global expectation by offering a variety of international opportunities that will challenge and stimulate you while teaching you to "lead from a global perspective".

Global Applied Projects (GAP)

Global Applied Projects (GAP) is an opportunity for MBA students to gain international experience by working on a business challenge in a global location.  GAP is true "learning by doing" and requires students- working as a team- to use, integrate and focus their Fisher learned skills on a real world project.  The program combines a Spring Semester, Session Two international consulting/project management class with a May on-site, immersive living experience.  Students gain significant global business knowledge and new cultural awareness and understanding.

Global Business Expeditions (GBE)

Global Business Expeditions (GBE) are business and cultural insight classes and travel led by Fisher faculty with deep country, functional or topic expertise.  During Spring Semester, Session One students spend time in the classroom learning about the unique aspects of doing business in a specific country or region, followed by Spring Break travel to the location.  Students develop international business knowledge and self-awareness that enhance a global perspective.