Title: President
Company: Keyte Group


Beau is President of the Keyte Group which helps organizations build new capacity within their organization to effectively address the changing environment we all face. Beau’s role in this is to teach, coach, and facilitate on two important transformation fronts: changing the work processes and changing the roles and responsibilities of leadership to support new work processes. This work keeps him happy as he guides systemic learning and change: teams learn how to understand, prioritize and solve performance problems while management learns how to coach the staff in a way to develop them into better thinkers and employees. His operational excellence focus began in 1986 and his work includes support in healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing.

Beau also has been active in designing ways to help organizations learn in highly leveraged collaborative models, including working with 62 emergency departments across the Michigan to simultaneously improve patient outcomes. He has two Shingo Prize-winning publications, The Complete Lean Enterprise and Perfecting Patient Journeys. In addition to supporting the MBOE program, he is an adjunct faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute and is a contributing author to Huffington Post.