From the time you apply till the time you graduate, you will be surrounded by leaders — from those who make up your class to the nationally recognized experts, guest lecturers, and visiting business executives whose expertise is setting the standard for Operational Excellence. More than a series of lectures, the MBOE program is an ongoing exchange of ideas and insights where students become teachers and teachers learn from students. This powerful marketplace of ideas allows you to learn, challenge assumptions, rethink what success looks like, and reorient your approach to solving problems.

And since your application demands that you identify an operational or strategic challenge facing your organization, you will have an immediate and ongoing opportunity to work with your coach and sponsor and apply the knowledge delivered through the four principal components of the MBOE program: Capstone project, classroom learning, distance learning and Gemba learning.

The curriculum consists of 15 graduate courses that are interwoven through the following sequential learning modules and eight on-campus sessions.


  • Understanding the Operational Excellence Play Book
  • Managing Product and Process Flows
  • Establishing Strategic Norms
  • Daily Management Systems
  • Building Operational Capabilities for Strategic Advantage
  • Understanding and Managing Tough Problems
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Sustaining the Operational Excellence Play Book

Laurie Spadaro
Director, MBOE

Fisher College of Business
Executive Education
110 Pfahl Hall
280 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1144