The MBOE program is structured to provide intense periods of on-campus learning, followed with practical application of these concepts, through the integrative Capstone Project. Because individuals learn in different and multiple ways, the MBOE emphasizes four types of learning throughout the program: classroom learning; “Gemba” learning (or learning where the work is done); distance learning; and project learning.

Classroom and “Gemba” learning occur largely on site during the eight on-campus sessions. Distance and project learning occur continuously at the participants’ own locations. The on-campus sessions also provide opportunities to share experiences and learn from other students. This curriculum provides a powerful learning environment and rich educational experience.

The MBOE program begins each December and you earn your degree in 12 months. Students go through the program as a cohort taking all of the same courses at the same time as full-time graduate students. 


Laurie Spadaro
Director, MBOE

Fisher College of Business
Executive Education
110 Pfahl Hall
280 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1144