MBOE alumni are equipped to view leadership, management and operations from a different prospective to improve processes and reduce waste. Through classroom experiences and personal mentoring, students find they gain a big competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Each MBOE class draws students from a variety of industries. We invite you to browse the diverse backgrounds that our students bring to the classroom and how the MBOE has helped them in their organizations.

marstiller “The MBOE Health Care program was exactly what I was looking for in an advanced degree program. The curriculum provided me with knowledge beyond what I had anticipated. An even greater value was the opportunity to translate this knowledge through the Gemba trips and then sharing the experiences with my classmates."
-Heather Marstiller, '12 Strategic Services Associate, Duke Primary Care

lawson“Most business master’s programs focus on financial analysis and marketing. With the MBOE I found the operations focus that I was looking for – from one of the nation’s top Operations Management schools to boot! I learned how to improve work flows, a scientific but speedy approach to solving business problems, and how to develop an organization that ever enhances both of these capabilities. It’s all based on the timeless, universal truths used to rebuild Japanese industry after WWII. I truly believe that what the MBOE teaches is the shot in the arm that US industry needs right now.” - Eric Lawson, '12, President, CAP Collaborative

praider“IT organizations are under increasing pressure to do more with less and contribute to the bottom line. The MBOE program has helped Nationwide create a next generation lean development center focused on creating value and eliminating waste.” -Tom Paider, '10, Director of IT Applications, Nationwide Insurance


smith“The MBOE program exceeded my expectations for networking and utilizing real world situations throughout the entire year. I have implemented many new tools resulting in improvements throughout our organization. The Gemba visits were priceless.” -Pam Smith, '12, VP of Professional Service, East Liverpool City Hospital


gildee“The power of the MBOE course: The integration of advanced forward-thinking Lean Six Sigma tools with the true essences of continuous improvement, which is critical dialogue and change management leadership applied in real world applications.” - Keith Gildee, '11, Quality Manager, Clow Water Systems