At the core of any financial officer's career is creating value for the firm. This involves several activities, including design and the implementation of financial policies and regulations; execution of financial plans; management of financial resources; and finally, communication and interaction with investors and the financial community overall.

In the finance pathway, you will gain a broad understanding of the principles of finance; the use of quantitative techniques; and the application of these techniques to financial decision making. You will have ample opportunities to meet with senior executives who work in the financial services industry. You may also wish to join the Fisher MBA Finance Association, where you'll learn from your peers and Fisher College of Business alumni and start to build a powerful network for your finance career.

What is an optional pathway?

Fisher's optional pathways are a group of classes designed to provide competence in a particular area or field.  The pathways listed are only a small example of the options available through an extensive list of electives.  With guidance from your coaches, you can access elective courses at Fisher and across more than 100 graduate programs at Ohio State. Contact us today to discuss how we can personalize your curriculum to your career goals.


  • Sample course offerings

    Base courses

    • Corporate Financing
    • Investment Theory and Practice
    • Derivatives Markets


    Corporate Finance track elective courses

    • Corporate Financial Management
    • Financial Institutions


    Investments track elective courses

    • Portfolio Management
    • Derivatives Valuation and Application
    • Trading and Markets
    • Student Stock Market Investment Management


    Risk Management track elective courses

    • Fixed Income Analysis
    • Financial Institutions
    • Enterprise Risk Management



    • Corporate Financial Reporting
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Private Equity
    • Financial Modeling
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Principles of Real Estate (Planning, Development, Property Management)
    • International Finance