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The Global Trade Network includes state agencies, economic development entities across the state, university partners, and small to medium-sized Ohio companies who are focused on expanding their global strategies. This network is designed to drive Ohio's global competitiveness and navigate new opportunities to create a workforce with the right skillsets, provide Ohio companies with easily accessible export resources, and build a network of companies who can share their best practices.

The network includes those with varying degrees of global trade competencies: export competent specialty businesses, state agencies, individuals who are working within companies that export, as well as traditional degree-bound students, all interacting under the Global Trade Network framework. The Global Trade Network allows Fisher to be a leader in creating the nexus that enables business to successfully compete in a global environment.

Global Trade Network

  • Open/Close Export Assistance Networks

    Export Assistance Network Director Cohost

    The Fisher College of Business is cohosting one of Ohio's Export Assistance Directors, Roberta Winch. Roberta is the Director of the Ohio SBDC Export Assistance Network at Columbus State Community College, and through this partnership with Fisher, she has access to Fisher students and resources.

    You can reach Roberta at or connect with her on

  • Open/Close Ohio Export Internship Program

    The Ohio Export Internship, which began in 2012, demonstrates the positive impact of partnerships between the state of Ohio, its universities, and private industry. The Ohio State University and the Ohio Development Services Agency formed this strategic partnership with the goal to train a global workforce, grow export sales, and create jobs within small to medium-sized Ohio companies. The overall mission is to help close the skills gap between Ohio companies that need employees who know how to export and students from universities across the state of Ohio who have developed those critical global business skills.

    OEIP provides an invaluable opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to current challenges businesses face in today's global economy. A semester class and a 12-week work experience gives interns the opportunity to work with real people at real companies exporting real products. These internships create a workforce that helps Ohio expand exports, builds students' global competencies, and makes a difference for Ohio businesses.

    For more information, please visit our EIP page by clicking here.

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