Global Business Expeditions (GBEs) are short-term, high-intensity global programs offered during Spring Semester. Each program is designed by our Fisher College of Business faculty to integrate industry expertise with a global context. For full cultural and business immersion, students travel during 2018 Spring Break on a private tour of globally successful, multi-national companies and the must-see historical sites of the region.

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Cuba: Startups and the Planned Economy (1.5 credits)
March 10-18, 2018
Prof. Heidi Eldred

$3532 program fee
(includes international airfare)

$150 application fee

Nearly 60 years after the Revolution of 1959, small business in Cuba has begun to emerge from the country’s Marxist–Leninist ideology. Connect with local players operating in light manufacturing, agriculture, and the service industry to learn how they are navigating complex government regulation and ever-changing international politics in an attempt to reclaim the “glittering and dynamic” reputation of yesteryear.

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*2 scholarships available ($500 each)

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Israel: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1.5-3 credits)
March 9-17, 2018
Dr. Oded Shenkar

$2974 program fee
(does not include international airfare)
$150 application fee

Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel! Dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the East”, the entrepreneurial spirit is palpable from the modern city of Tel Aviv, the holy sites of Jerusalem, and the capital of the Negev desert, Beersheba. Visit the nation home to many of the most sacred Abrahamic religious sites and the largest number of startups per capita in the world. The journey begins on campus with an intensive 7-week course.

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*2 scholarships available ($500 each)

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Singapore: Strategies for Global Success (1.5 credits)
March 9-18, 2018
Dr. Shashi Matta

$3571 program fee
(includes international airfare)
$150 application fee

Singapore, the Gateway to Asia, is a powerful economic hub that champions a sophisticated western approach to business while retaining, at heart, traditional Asian values that emphasize relationships and interdependent networks.

This Global Business Expedition to Singapore will feature a Who’s Who of global brands and a firsthand experience of successful global strategies. Meet with top industry executives and prominent global alumni, while immersing yourself in unique cultural experiences. Taste a multitude of Asian cuisines and walk through some of the most vibrant marketplaces and Hawker markets in the world. Attractions include Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Little India, Chinatown, Arab Street, and the world famous Orchard Road.

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*12 scholarships available (10 of $1,000 each for FT MBA and WP MBA students; 2 of $500 each)