Field-based Courses and Certificate Programs

Fisher College of Business’ MBA program provides opportunities for students to manage a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, doing business in a foreign country or immediately put your skills to work for a corporate partner as a part of a class assignment.


Field-based Courses

Many of Fisher's courses integrate companies and/or industry tools with a course's curriculum. Below is a partial list of courses and experiences MBA students have an opportunity to get involved in during the year:


Certificate Programs

Fisher offers certificate programs to allow students to further development their knowledge and experience in a specific discipline. Most certificate programs involve activities with industry tools and/or work specifically in the area of study that complements the academic curriculum.

MBA Six Sigma Program

MBA students are indoctrinated into Six Sigma methodology through a series of classroom experiences and online training from The series culminates with a commissioned project from an actual company, which benefits students and participating businesses alike.

Six Sigma is ideal for anyone in manufacturing, health care, retail, logistics, finance, or consulting services and everyone who wants to be involved in process improvement.

Certificate Requirements

Students work in four-person teams for 15 weeks. They devote an average of 10 hours per week to the project under the coaching of Fisher team members.

For more information, visit Fisher's Center for Operational Excellence.


Certificate in Enterprise Sustainability Management

Students that complete course requirements for the Enterprise Sustainability career track with an average grade of B or higher, and that complete two of the following four requirements, will be awarded a Certificate in Enterprise Sustainability Management.

Certificate Requirements
  • Five courses beyond the career track's list of courses
  • 40 hours of volunteer service in a non-profit organization working on matters that have a relationship to sustainability
  • A summer internship involving sustainability
  • An independent study on a sustainability topic approved in advance by the faculty member.

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    The SIM program allows Fisher students to manage a portion of Ohio State University's endowment.
  • Fisher Tax Clinic video preview - press play to watch video

    A team of students traveled to Ethiopia to work with local companies in the health care and coffee industries.