Common questions and their answers are provided below.


Where can I find a list of a company's competitors?

  • Search Hoover's Online for public, private, and international companies. Scroll down to Top Competitors.
How do I find information on small companies?
  • Search in Lexis-Nexis academic universe. Choose Business then Company Profiles.
  • Search in Hoover's Online for Company profiles and histories.
  • Search in Thomson Research for Company filings, analyst reports and private equity.


Where do I find current news about a company?
  • In Factiva search on the desired company's name, or use the Companies/Markets tab, click on company and search by company name or ticker.



Where can I find industry profiles and analysis?


How do I find information on banks and banking?


How do I find aggregate industry ratios that include private companies?


Where can I find global industry surveys?