The Center for Lean Healthcare Research (CLHR) was formed by Fisher College of Business and the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value to equip hospitals and other healthcare organizations with the tools and guidance they need to execute lasting lean transformations by developing a peer-reviewed body of research. CLHR is supported in its work by collaborating with more than 20 partner hospitals and the generous support of UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

At CLHR, we are committed to transforming our knowledge of lean in health care from a patchwork of case studies to translational research that can help improve outcomes, leverage efficiencies – and ultimately save lives.

Led by experts with decades of lean healthcare experience, CLHR’s mission is to become a world-renowned lean healthcare thought leader and lead change in this area of research. CLHR efforts include:

  • Facilitating collaboration among lean healthcare researchers nationally and internationally and between these researchers and practitioners.
  • Building the research base by unifying interdisciplinary research efforts, having a strong presence in a wide-variety of disciplines, and becoming the resource for lean healthcare researchers.
  • Engaging in research efforts to capitalize on the strength of our partners and collaborators when recognizing a particular need for leadership in lean healthcare research.