Executive Updates

Breakfast Club
Michael Smith, Director, Initiative for Managing Services Fisher College of Business

The Service Profit Chain

Recorded on: April 16, 2010 at the Blackwell Inn

BClub Video

Video Education Series
Professor Douglas Lambert on Partnerships and Supply Chain Management

Professor at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, Dr. Douglas Lambert, begins a nine part-video series about partnerships and then supply chain management.

Breakfast Club
Professor Emeritus Steve Buser’s Third Annual Economic Update
Life After the Recession

Dr. Steve Buser, Professor Emeritus, Department of Finance, Fisher College of Business gave his third annual economic update which addressed the following questions:

How long will it take the US economy to fully recover from the recession of 2008-09? When the recovery is complete, will all sectors of the US economy be back to their pre-recession condition? If not, which sectors will be weaker and which will be stronger?

Recorded on: January 15, 2010 at the Blackwell Inn
Video Length: 44 minutes 51 seconds

BClub Video

Breakfast Club
Social Media Panel

Our experienced panel of experts presented best practices in the use of social media in the areas of customer engagement, reputation management, crisis management and today’s generational take on social media.

Recorded on:
October 9, 2009 at the OSU Fawcett Center
Video Length: 53 minutes


  • Ed Billmaier - Sr. Director, Relationship and Interactive Marketing, Scotts
  • Michael Bills - Executive in Residence, Fisher College of Business
  • Joanne Dehoney - Senior Director, Learning Technology, The Ohio State University
  • Kim Ratcliff - VP, Paul Werth Associates