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Undergraduate Programs Office
Name Phone Email Address
Anderson, Fanny E. 614-292-3459
Bader, Kimberly C. 614-292-4316
Davidson, Alex J. 614-688-2309
DeSantis, Michael G. 614-292-2564
Evans, Andrea M. 614-292-2811
Flood, Antonique E. 614-292-2715
Hall, Jessica A. 614-292-2715
Hamel, Natalie L. 614-292-2715
Hoying, Teresa A. 614-292-5314
Jefferson, Patricia M. 614-292-2715
Karl, Ruth Ann C. 614-292-2715
Kirby, Barbara J. (Bobbie) 614-688-4503
Knisley, Jaimi S. 614-292-2715
Lucia, Kerry A. 614-292-4840
McDonald, Melinda L. 614-688-4231
McGory, Lindsay W. 614-292-2715
Moehl, Erin B. 614-292-7455
O'Neill, Jill A. 614-292-2714
Palma, Anthony L. 614-292-8305
Palmer, Jane A. 614-292-2715
Pennyman, Lorraine N. 614-292-6694
Pittman, Elizabeth D. 614-292-2715
Reed, Samantha N. 614-688-2155
Robinson, Arleen H. 614-292-9930