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Office of External Relations
Name Phone Email Address
Chambliss, David B. 614-292-7692
Cox, Tamara (Tami) 614-292-5579
Dougherty, Jennifer L. (Jenn) 614-688-0089
Ewing, Tamara M. (Tami) 614-292-2181
Faiello, Lisa A. 614-292-2181
Kudla, Michael J. 614-292-1174
Lavetsky, Kyle J. 614-292-4271
Mellett, Kathryn M. 614-292-2417
Ormiston, Michael R. 614-292-8021
Ritchey, Amanda E. 614-292-8041
Smith, Michael D. 614-688-5549
Sykes, Jean E. (Jeannie) 614-247-8280
Teter, Carolyn T. 614-688-1693