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Office of Career Management
Name Phone Email Address
Bledsoe, Audrey L. 614-292-8582
Bogenschutz, Margaret M. 614-292-8586
Buschur, Frances C. 614-294-3880
Buxton-Graham, Brittany R. 614-292-2415
Douglas, Darese E. 614-292-2125
Geier, Susan 614-292-8587
Gilbertsen, Nancy W. 614-292-8581
Jones, Allison A. 614-292-8616
Mathews-Mead, Jamie M. 614-292-8580
Quintero Bond, Monica 614-688-8768
Rice, Jeffrey D. 614-292-8588
Singer, Stephen G. 614-292-5536
Smith, Carol 614-292-6024
Steenrod, Sarah 614-292-3077
Westerfeld, Jill 614-688-2171
Wilson, Mark D. 614-292-8615